Dental Emergency in Spring TX

Dental Emergency in Spring TX

Any problems associated with the teeth, gums, or jaw demanding immediate medical attention can be considered a dental emergency. Pain, bleeding, swelling, or a loose or broken tooth has to be attended to at the earliest. 

Sometimes, the need for emergency care may arise due to an accident or trauma. Other times, the symptoms may be subtle and increase over time. In either case, we at Vita Dental are ready to help.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

A lot of dental problems may require immediate dental care. Some issues may demand prompt medical care, while others still have to be treated with greater urgency to prevent them from deteriorating and affecting your entire oral health. 

The following problems could constitute a dental emergency: 

  • When a person starts experiencing sudden unexplainable pain. It is always an indication of a pre-existing problem that has suddenly flared up, causing pain and discomfort.
  • When a patient has lost a tooth accidentally. A loss of a tooth could be a reason for seeking emergency treatment. Availing of therapy within the first hour after losing a tooth will substantially increase the chances of saving it. 
  • When an adult has a loose tooth but does not feel any pain. It could still be a sign of severe gum infection.
  • When there are swelling or knots on the gums. This could mean the presence of an abscess which has to be treated at the earliest.
  • If you are bleeding and there is no evidence of an injury to the gums. Immediately get to a dentist and have the cause determined, as well as have the bleeding stopped.

What Are Some Key Benefits of Emergency Dental Care at Vita Dental?

  • No Appointment Required: The most crucial benefit of emergency services is a person does not have to make an appointment and can simply rush to the emergency room and avail of the required treatment.
  • Instant Release from Pain:In case of unbearable toothache, you can get instant relief with the help of painkiller injections. The actual cause of the pain will also be diagnosed and treated.
  • Prevents Tooth Loss:The risk of losing a tooth will increase when you have incurred trauma or injury during an accident or sporting activity. In such situations, the tooth can be saved, and the dental professionals will give you tips on how to handle and take care of your teeth.
  • Qualified Dentist:The emergency dentists will have the same level of proficiency as a general dentist and provide you the appropriate treatment in case of a dental emergency. 

  Call Dentist in Spring TX at Vita Dental or schedule an online appointment to know more about dental emergency services. Contact us for any dental emergency.


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