Cosmetic Dentistry in Spring TX

Cosmetic Dentistry in Spring TX

Cosmetic dentistry might be able to make your smile even more dazzling if you feel that it could be better. Vita Dental offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures that provides the solution if you have teeth that are stained, discolored, worn, chipped, broken, misaligned, misshapen, or have gaps between them. The appearance of your smile can be improved through any one of the cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Cosmetic Dentist Treatments

  • Tooth whitening:Tooth whitening eliminates the stains on your teeth using whitening agents for you to get whiter and brighter teeth. Poor oral hygiene and consuming teeth staining items like tea, coffee, and tobacco products can cause discoloration and tooth stains. Such issues need cosmetic procedures.
  • Dental veneers:Veneers are fabricated in a dental lab using your teeth impressions. They are fixed directly on your teeth’s surface with a bonding agent. Dental veneers effectively conceal imperfections of the tooth structure, including fractures, chips, or severe discoloration.
  • Dental crowns: Crowns can be created from porcelain fused with a metal alloy or pure ceramic and function as the tooth’s cap and are placed directly on the tooth. Dental crowns are created in the dental lab precisely for the patient’s teeth. The crown can be used to renovate the tooth’s structure, protect a weak tooth due to fracture or severe decay, conceal severe discolorations, and strengthen a tooth that has had root canal therapy.
  • Bonding:Tooth-colored composite resin is the most common type of bonding agent used to fill a decayed tooth or close up spaces between the teeth. The cosmetic dentist will first roughen the surface using a mild acid and place the bonding agent and harden it with a special light.
  • Orthodontic aligners: Clear aligners can be chosen by patients who do not want the metallic look of traditional metal braces. These aligners are effective for shifting and aligning the teeth properly without impeding facial aesthetics. They are removable and effectively invisible to other people.
  • Gum recontouring and reshaping:The enlargement of gum tissue can be aesthetically unpleasant. The appearance of the gums can be improved by reattaching and reshaping the gums using laser dentistry.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Cosmetic procedures can help prevent future damage to the tooth structure. Cosmetic dental treatments are planned with the aim to enhance the teeth’s appearance. 
  • With cosmetic dental procedures, all dental defects can be rectified. People invest in their beauty and youth by opting to have cosmetic correction procedures. 
  • A flawless smile can give a significant boost to your confidence and self-esteem. It works wonders for people who feel self-conscious about laughing in public because of crooked, missing, or decayed teeth.
  • Most cosmetic dental treatments last for years if the teeth are well cared for, as per the cosmetic dentist’s instructions.

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