Dental Care For Kids in Spring TX

Dental Care For Kids in Spring TX

The biggest concern of most parents is their child's general well-being, including their oral hygiene and overall health. The care of your child's teeth and gums begins with you. And you can set them on the right path for a lifetime of excellent oral hygiene. 

So, How do you keep your kids’  teeth healthy?

  • Brushing and Flossing: 

Kids should be taught to brush their teeth twice a day - after breakfast, and before bedtime. Not just the front teeth but also their side and back teeth should be brushed thoroughly. If required, take instructions from the dentist on correct brushing techniques. A brush with soft bristles should be chosen, and it should be changed once in three months.

Flossing the teeth is also critical in keeping them healthy. The dental floss can be slipped between each tooth and along the gumline gently once a day. The floss helps get rid of food that gets stuck between the teeth where your toothbrush cannot reach it, no matter how well you brush.

  • Prevent Cavities

They are holes that form in your teeth. The cavities can occur when the bacteria build up in your mouth. The sugar content in food and drinks turns into acid, which can eat away at your teeth. Cavities are pretty common in children as they consume a lot of sugar content. Every member of your family should take good care of their teeth to prevent cavities. Pregnant women who have cavities can pass the cavity-causing bacteria to unborn babies, infants, and children.

  • Fluoride Treatments
Fluoride is very significant to your child's dental health. It is known to decrease cavities in primary teeth as well as permanent adult teeth. Fluoride treatment helps make teeth strong by hardening the tooth enamel. Most children get fluoride in drinking water. But if your water does not contain fluoride, you may consider giving your child an oral fluoride supplement. When your child starts going to the dentist, they could get a fluoride varnish or cleaning on their teeth.
  • Eat a Healthy Diet
Kids tend to eat many sugary foods and drinks, putting them at high risk for cavities. Thus, it is essential to make healthy choices in food. Avoid too much sugar and do not let your child consume a lot of sweetened drinks, soda, or fruit juices. Between meals, restrict sweet snacks and drinks. And if your child does have sugar, make sure they brush their teeth afterward.
  • Practice Mouth Safety
Another vital aspect of dental hygiene is the safety of the mouth structure. If your child takes part in sports activities, they should wear a mouthguard. This is a soft, plastic retainer that protects the teeth as well as the lips. It helps protect your child's oral structures from injuries. Consult your dentist if you need a custom-fit mouthguard.
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