Clear Aligners in Spring TX

Clear Aligners in Spring TX

Clear Aligners are a relatively straightforward method of straightening teeth without undergoing the embarrassment of wearing traditional metal braces. The time required for the straightening process is also comparatively less than that of the old methods. 

The Clear Aligners technique consists of a transparent form of braces that enable you to improve the appearance of your crowded or crooked teeth or teeth with gaps quickly and efficiently.

Why Should You Have Your Teeth Straightened?

There are several reasons why you should have your teeth straightened. Poorly positioned teeth can cause a lot of health problems such as:

  • More food and bacteria can get trapped between them.
  • Flossing becomes more complicated.
  • The possibility of developing more cavities becomes high.
  • There are increased chances of patients suffering from gum disease, bleeding, and infection.
  • A person will lose teeth at a younger age.
  • The teeth will wear unevenly, chip, crack and break.
  • Patients will grind their teeth at night because of a poor bite, causing sensitivity and sore muscles.
  • Misaligned teeth will result in more frequent visits to the dentist, more dental work, and consequently, more money spent.

What Are the Benefits ofClear Aligners?

  • It’s invisible: The aligners in the Clear Aligners are transparent since they are made of clear plastic. Hence, they are not as noticeable as metal braces. You do not have to feel self-conscious as no one will even be aware that you are wearing braces.
  • Healthier gums:Straight teeth will keep the gums and the mouth healthy, and there will be no bleeding in the gums. Straight teeth maintain health for a longer time than crooked teeth. 
  • Straight teeth are easy to clean: The toothbrush is much more efficient at removing food when the teeth are straight, and brushing is easier and quicker.
  • Easier flossing:With straight teeth, flossing between them becomes painless and easy.
  • Better dental cleanings:Your next check-up at the dentist will involve less scraping, reduced discomfort, and the cleaning will be quicker.
  • Fewer cavities: The bacteria and food will have fewer hiding places in the straight teeth as it is easier to clean. As a result, there are fewer cavities.
  • It’s comfortable:The use of plastic aligners offers a smooth surface that is not harsh to your mouth.
  • It’s removable: The Clear aligners can be taken out before brushing and meals and then can be worn again. Thus, you will have more flexibility in your daily life with these invisible braces.
  • It’s fast:The treatment time will be shorter compared to traditional braces. And this means the teeth will be straightened sooner.

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