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Cone-beam computed tomography, also referred to as CBCT scan, is an imaging system that captures the images from different angles. Dental professionals use it to attain 3D images of the teeth, mouth, and jaw. CBCT captures 150-200 images of the mouth in less than a minute with utmost accuracy. At Vita Dental, dentists utilize it for patients who require dental treatments like dental implants.

Use of CBCT Scan

  • CBCT scan helps detect, measure, and treat jaw tumors.
  • It aids in the accurate placement of dental implants.
  • Images obtained from CBCT scan helps to bone structure of the patient.
  • CBCT scanning helps in reconstructive surgery of the mouth.
  • It helps evaluate nerve canals and nasal activity.
  • CBCT scanning helps in diagnosing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) in patients.

How is the CBCT scan procedure performed?

CBCT is a square-shaped scanner that has an x-ray source and detector. It is mounted on the opposite sides of the rotating chair, which has a rotating C-arm. The patient is made to sit on the dental chair according to the position of the CBCT. The detector of the device rotates 360 degrees and captures multiple images of the mouth from different angles.

The patient needs to remain still during the procedure to produce precise images. Both the X-ray source and the detector rotates in unison, generating 150 to 200 high-resolution images of the mouth. The detail structures are captured in less than a minute, which can be combined to form the 3D image. The images can be obtained digitally and printed as per the requirement for further references.

Benefits of CBCT

  • CBCT scanning is a non-invasive and painless process.
  • It helps to provide accurate results to the dentists.
  • Better image quality can be obtained from CBCT scanning.
  • It captures the images of the bones and soft tissues at the same time.
  • CBCT provides detailed information that helps in the precise treatment of the patient.
  • No radiation lingers in the patient’s body after the CBCT scan.

Cone-beam computed tomography provides better results than traditional x-ray due to its incredible resolution. It is a dental technology that has enabled better treatment planning for the patient.

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3D Dental X-Ray

3D Dental X-Ray is a digital imaging technology that captures the images of the patient's mouth. It takes a panoramic view of the mouth, which helps in improving diagnostic accuracy. The images captured through 3D Dental X-Ray are vital for dental treatments as it helps to detect, diagnose, and treat dental abnormalities. At Vita Dental, the dentists use 3D dental X-rays to provide accurate treatment plans to the patients.

Use of 3D Dental X-ray by dentists

  • 3D Dental X-rays are helpful for orthodontic procedures to analyze the dental condition before, during, and after the treatment.
  • It helps in the accurate placement of dental implants in the mouth.
  • 3D X-rays help in detecting, measuring, and treating tumors of the jaw.
  • Patients who require root canal therapy will need a 3D dental X-ray for their bone grading process.
  • It helps in viewing the lumps and lesions in the mouth.
  • 3D dental X-ray helps in diagnosing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in patients.

Benefits of 3D dental X-Ray

  • 3D Dental X-Ray offers advanced treatment for the patient.
  • It is a speedy process that can e completed in less than a minute.
  • A complete view or picture of the mouth can be obtained through a 3D dental X-Ray.
  • It aids better patient education as the dentists can comprehend the results in detail to the patient.
  • A better treatment plan can be derived with the help of a 3D dental X-Ray.
  • The patients are exposed to less radiation through 3D Dental X-rays compared to traditional 2D imaging systems.

The procedure of 3D Dental X-ray

The patient is made to stand still during the 3D Dental X-ray process. The camera rotates around the head, which helps to capture images through a 360-degree scan. It is a safe and quick process that completes in one rotation.

The images obtained are of the best quality compared to traditional imaging systems and can be immediately viewed on a screen. The images can also be obtained in printed format and can be used for reference in the future.

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