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Wisdom teeth complications that can lead to extraction

Wisdom teeth complications that can lead to extraction 150 150 Tony

Wisdom Teeth

Can a dentist remove wisdom teeth? Should you consult an oral surgeon or a dentist for extraction of wisdom teeth? Under what circumstances might a dentist need to remove wisdom teeth? Are you looking for a dentist in Spring Texas to help extract wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars which develop as one becomes ‘wiser’ or grows into their late teens and early twenties hence the name wisdom teeth. These molars are normally very crucial when it comes to proper mastication of food but unfortunately, most of them don’t grow properly.

Wisdom teeth complications that can lead to extraction

As earlier on noted, most people’s wisdom teeth don’t grow properly and they are prone to complications which might prompt their extraction. Here are some of the most complications which might lead to the removal of the wisdom teeth;


If the wisdom teeth are overcrowded or crooked in any way, then they need to be removed to pave way for proper growth of teeth.


Poor oral hygiene can lead to the infection of wisdom teeth. If the infection causes damage which can’t be repaired, then the only viable solution is to get rid of the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the mouth.

Pain from injury or any other complication

If one experiences pain arising from either an infection, a cyst or traumatic injury to the wisdom tooth, then there might arise a need to get rid of the tooth.

Removal of wisdom teeth

Because of their position at the back of the mouth, removing wisdom teeth is very difficult and it more often than not, requires surgery to properly get rid of the teeth. As such, there is the question of whether dentists are qualified to remove the wisdom teeth. A lot of people feel that such complex oral surgeries should be reserved to oral surgeons- which is partially true.

Removing wisdom teeth, especially when they are crowded, is a struggle. The procedure involves collection information about the nature of the roots of the wisdom teeth, the strength of the roots, the position of the tooth relative to the neighboring teeth before starting to think about the actual extraction.

The dentist needs to ascertain the nature of the wisdom teeth before deciding on whether he/she can operate on the tooth or not. If the procedure seems too complex for the dentist, then he/she will refer the patient to a specialist and in most cases this would be an oral surgeon.

Dentists’ ability to remove wisdom teeth

All dentists are normally trained to carry out small dental procedures in the mouth. This therefore means that they can successfully remove any problematic wisdom teeth which are not intertwined or misaligned.

If the teeth to be removed are in between other teeth and the dentists deems them too complex, then he/she will gracefully refer you to the nearest oral surgeon. Although the dentists are trained to carry out surgical procedures in the mouth, their knowledge on the same is limited and some situations are well beyond their expertise.

Oral surgeons on the other hand, have specialized in surgical procedures in the mouth and can competently handle any form of tooth extraction. They are also trained to handle any emergency that might arise from the surgery. This makes them the best bet when it comes to getting rid of any problematic teeth.

Another fact to consider is sedation. Oral surgeons are trained to offer sedation before any surgical procedure while most dentists will only use local anesthetic to numb the area of interest before conducting the surgery. If you prefer full body sedation before surgical procedures, then an oral surgeon would be the best bet while dentists are ideal for those people who prefer to have their teeth removed without going into a deep sleep.

Importance of removing wisdom teeth early

Irrespective of the professional that you opt to delegate the duties of removing your wisdom teeth to, you should strive to get rid of any problematic wisdom teeth as soon as possible. Left unremoved, such teeth can be the cause of severe complications which will affect you and your oral system in future.

Dentist in Spring Texas

If you are struggling with problematic wisdom teeth in Texas and are looking for a dentist in Spring Texas, look no further than Vita Dental Spring for the best tooth extractions and other dental solutions. With our high quality diagnosis and analysis of the affected areas, we are able to quickly tell if we can handle the surgery or not. In the event that we are not able to handle the extraction, we will refer you to the best oral surgeon known to us. For more information on the same, give us a call today and we will offer the best dental services at an affordable rate.