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Will the Orthodontist Remove Braces?  Why is Vita Dental Spring The Best?

Will the Orthodontist Remove Braces?  Why is Vita Dental Spring The Best? 150 150 Tony

Will the Orthodontist Remove Braces?  Why is Vita Dental Spring The Best?

A general dentist is certified and licensed professional who is allowed by the law to remove braces. However, the best option should be going back to the orthodontist who specifically fixed the braces and adjusted them to achieve the final result. Orthodontists are dentists who have undergone an additional two or three years of specialized training and education in the alignment of teeth and facial restructuring. This reason is enough to have you stick to your orthodontist for braces removal. Also, your orthodontist is in a better position to determine if your teeth have arrived at the best alignment and if it is safe for brace removal.

How Are Braces Removed?

Removal of braces is essentially the easiest part of the whole process. However, if not handled by an orthodontist, one may risk having chipped teeth or an uneven result altogether. Braces are removed in a reversal manner on the contrary to how they were fixed. The small elastic bands are first removed from each bracket. The orthodontist will use a small dental tool with a hook to gently remove each elastic band without snapping.

Removal Of The Wire

The second task is to remove the wires that sit on top of the brackets and are essentially the main reason why braces eventually work. Wires are the main mechanism used to straighten teeth in the brace system. Your orthodontist will use a tool that looks like a small pliers to remove the wire from the groove located at the top of every bracket and from the anchor spots that are located on the molars at the back of the mouth.

Removal Of The Brackets

Brackets are designed to come loose if pressure is exerted at the base and bond separated from the teeth. Your orthodontist will use a clean set of orthodontic pliers to gently squeeze the base of the brackets so as to loosen them. The adhesive bond is bound to loosen, break, and fall apart which paves way for the removal of the brackets. This is done to every bracket specifically. Residue from the breaking off of the adhesive bonds tends to remain on the tooth which requires cleaning and polishing for finer results. The pliers are also used to disband the bands that attach to the molars. You might feel some discomfort during the removal of the bands from the molar but it is tolerable.

Cleaning And Polishing

At this point, either your orthodontist can proceed with the procedure or refer you to a hygienist. The process is not complex. Whoever comes in at this point will use an ultra-sonic dental hand tool to dislodge the glue or bonding residue from each tooth. The residue is then washed off with some water from the tool. Polishing entails smoothening the surface of the tooth with some brush-like tool. The process is similar to that of a regular professional dental cleaning procedure. You may feel some sensitivity as your teeth start to adjust to the absence of brackets.

Final Step

Once the cleaning and polishing are done, your orthodontist may want to give you a few guidelines on orthodontic care. He or she may suggest the continual use of retainers whether temporary or permanent, to help straighten your teeth a little further. Retainers are expected to be worn full time after removal of braces for at least six months. After this period, your orthodontist will examine your teeth and direct you on whether to continue wearing the retainers and for how long.

The orthodontist may also take extra x-rays of your teeth for more in-depth assessment of how successful the procedure was. This will help in giving instructions and recommendations on the way forward. This reason gives an accurate measure of why one should stick to one orthodontist from the start of the fitting of braces to the removal of braces and even aftercare.

You can then visit your regular dentist for dental cleaning after the removal of braces. Be sure to make this a habit while maintaining high oral hygiene standards. Gum diseases and dental cavities cannot be your friend at this point. Your orthodontist may also recommend teeth whitening in order to achieve uniform color from the noticeable difference in color where the brackets were placed in the enamel. Proceed with an orthodontist’s permission and guidance to achieve the best results.

Why Is Vita Dental Spring The Best?

Everyone needs perfect results when it comes to restoring a smile and perfect alignment of teeth. Vita Dental is dedicated to offering the best dental services and assuring patients that the results from the braces and its adjustments will be excellent. Vita dental has a team of three dentists who have vast experience and phenomenal educational background to ensure the quality of orthodontic work in the clinic. Just like braces are fitted on personalized grounds, so are all other treatments including consultation and adjustments. Book an appointment today.