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Will My Orthodontist Whiten My Teeth?  Why Is Vita Dental Spring Best?

Will My Orthodontist Whiten My Teeth?  Why Is Vita Dental Spring Best? 150 150 Tony

Will My Orthodontist Whiten My Teeth?  Why Is Vita Dental Spring Best?

An increasing number of patients are anxious to transform their new straightened grin into an additional pearly white smile by going through a teeth whitening procedure once their orthodontic treatment is complete. Most orthodontists are responding to the growing demand for teeth whitening procedures after orthodontic treatments. So will your orthodontist whiten your teeth? The answer is yes. Teeth whitening is proving to be the icing on the cake at the end of an orthodontic treatment. Today, most orthodontists include teeth whitening as part of the entire orthodontic treatment package.

At What Point Of Orthodontic Treatment Is Teeth Whitening Essential?

Your orthodontist will recommend that you keep off any teeth whitening procedures before the orthodontic procedure is over. For example, if you have braces on, the bleaching product applied will only reach some parts of the teeth while leaving behind the areas covered by the brackets. Also, orthodontic treatments are applied to crooked or misaligned teeth. Teeth whitening procedures on misaligned teeth only tends to reach to the parts exposed and leaves the ones covered behind other teeth untouched. This results in uneven teeth whitening which eventually translates into a waste of time and resources. This information will be provided by your orthodontist during the consultation and even check-ups. To answer this, orthodontists recommend teeth whitening procedures to be conducted after the braces, Invisalign or whatever orthodontic treatment you are undergoing and the teeth aligned with the desired results.

There are numerous options for teeth whitening but professional guidance and at times procedures will generally provide the best results. Orthodontics have much more powerful products that will produce the desired effect in a shorter period compared to the over the counter teeth whitening products. Moreover, your orthodontist has been with you from the start of your orthodontic procedure to the last, the last procedure which is tooth whitening should be the easiest. Entrusting the last procedure to your orthodontist will eventually yield the best results since he or she has already analyzed your oral condition and can determine the best teeth whitening procedure for you.

Tray Bleaching

Some orthodontists will deem you fit for at-home professional whitening trays that are traceable at affordable prices. These trays normally contain molds customized to fit perfectly over your teeth. Your orthodontist will take exact measures of each of your teeth and order for custom made molds that take about a few hours to make. Then a whitening gel is applied in the molds. The bleaching agent is only available via your orthodontist, which means you can only retrieve a refill through your orthodontist. This procedure ensures that all your teeth are whitened from the front to the back, unlike whitening strips. Tray bleaching takes about ten days to yield the desired results although the orthodontist may recommend additional days if the results are not optimum.

Laser Procedure

Your orthodontist may recommend this procedure if your enamel is strong enough to withstand heat. Bleach is first applied to each tooth after which heat is generated by a laser. This heat speeds up the bleaching process and whitens the teeth quickly. This procedure should be handled by highly skilled professionals since the bleaching agent used contains about 25 to 40 % concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel. The high concentration can damage the surrounding tissues in the mouth if not handled with extreme care. Your orthodontist should be sure that this is the right procedure for you before proceeding. It is also important to note that the laser procedure may be a bit expensive than all other procedures but the results are visible in the shortest time. Also, not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure, hence a dental exam will be required before being considered.

Other Alternatives

You probably don’t have too much pressure on acquiring immediate teeth whitening results. You could talk to your orthodontist about other home and self-treating whitening products that you could use while at home. These include, over the counter whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes, chewing gum and paint-on-gel. These products are not as powerful as the professional products hence may take time for one to notice the results. Your orthodontist will recommend professional dental cleaning paired with the home teeth whitening products for an improved look.

Why Is Vita Dental The Best?

Vita Dental Spring clinic has highly qualified and trained orthodontists to attend to any orthodontic needs. In regards to the vast experience from the orthodontists, you will gather accurate information on any orthodontic treatment and what procedure will suit your needs. The clinic is dedicated to providing up to date treatments and procedures and for this reason, the clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment. Are you looking for an orthodontist who will walk with you throughout the journey until the end? Then Vita Dental is the place to be with every dentist and orthodontist dedicated to providing specialized treatment and consultation to every patient.