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Will My Orthodontist File My Teeth?  Why Is Vita Dental Spring Best?

Will My Orthodontist File My Teeth?  Why Is Vita Dental Spring Best? 150 150 Tony

Will My Orthodontist File My Teeth?  Why Is Vita Dental Spring Best?

Many people are seeking out Invisalign orthodontic treatment as an alternative to traditional braces. It is becoming a popular option since it is invisible and offers minimal discomfort. This is one of the orthodontic procedures that include teeth filings in the treatment. Also, chipped teeth that are not severely damaged can be filed to reduce the unevenness of the enamel. So yes, your orthodontist will file your teeth especially when the filing is part of the process of restoring a perfect smile.

What Are The Instances Your Orthodontist Will File For Teeth?

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth normally force the misalignment of teeth. Such a situation is taken to an orthodontist for alignment using braces or Invisalign on any other alignment techniques. Your orthodontist may determine that the alignment process might be hindered due to overcrowding of teeth. Instead of extracting teeth to make more room for perfect alignment, he or she may decide to file down the sides of the teeth to create more room for movement. In such a case, the process will require more time, effort, and space to make the result a success. Your orthodontist has probably studied and analyzed the measures required to be filed down in order to create perfect alignment. For this reason, it is best to let the orthodontist do his or her job from the start to the end.

The orthodontist may use various equipment but the most common is a thin diamond strip that has a flexible metal that comfortably fits between teeth. The tool is used exactly the same way one uses a nail file. The orthodontist will slide it back and forth to file down the required enamel. After this, the orthodontist will fit in the Invisalign or the braces with the expectancy that the spacing from the filing down will yield perfect results.

Braces After-Care

Besides teeth whitening after the braces are removed, filing down teeth is essential to achieve a more uniform smile and generally improve aesthetics. Just like many will advise that you stick to your orthodontist from the beginning to the end of the treatment, filing down should be one of them. After the orthodontist removes your braces and confirms that the teeth are indeed aligned along the gum line, he or she needs to make the top of the teeth uniform to make the smile more appealing. Apart from making the smile appealing, un-uniform teeth may contribute to the developing of underbites or overbites. 

The orthodontist will use a sanding tool or laser to trim down small measures of the enamel from the top of the tooth. Thin strips of metal tools are then used to file down the sides of the tooth if necessary. Once the teeth have arrived at the desired shape, the dentist will polish and smoothen the teeth so that they will feel and look good. You may also proceed with teeth whitening if deemed necessary. This process may take up to an hour depending on the amount of filing required. 

Smoothening Rough Edges Or Small Chips

In some cases, your teeth may have small chips or rough edges that require smoothening. It may also be used in filing down pointy teeth like the canines that may bring discomfort or injury to the tongue. This may be done by your orthodontist during treatment or the dentist depending on the aim of the filing down of teeth. Small chip and rough edges distort the smile hence this could be termed as orthodontic. Be sure to talk to your orthodontist in case you feel any of these discomforts.

Filing down teeth should not hurt as the process is non-invasive and doesn’t touch the nerve system. You may talk to your orthodontist about the use of an anesthetic if you don’t trust the process. Filing teeth basically render your enamel thinner which will require good dental care to avoid further dental problems in the near future. Enamel loss puts you at risk of tooth sensitivity, yellowing of teeth, increased risks of tooth decay and greater chances of chipping and breaking. These reasons necessitate the need to find a skilled orthodontist who will conduct the job properly without causing any damage. Also, filing down teeth may sound like an easy-to-do task, but by all means, this is not something you can do at home on your own. Let your orthodontist do his or her job. 

Why Is Vita Dental The Best?

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