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Will Dentist Pull Tooth if Infected-Dentist in Spring Texas

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Dental infections are on the rise. Despite the numerous campaigns on televisions and online to sensitize people on oral hygiene and how to stay safe from infections, the number of reported dental infections in hospitals and emergency rooms in America has gone up in the last decade. Consumption of unhealthy foods, poor oral hygiene and an outburst of new oral infections are some of the reasons for the recent increase in dental infections.

One of the most pertinent issues that people with dental infections have to contend with, is the fate of their infected teeth. Will a dentist pull a tooth if it’s infected? Is extraction the only fate that infected teeth have to face? Does a toothache mean that you are going to get the infected tooth extracted? These are some of the most common questions that people with infected teeth ask themselves and we are going to address that matter in this blog post.

For starters, extraction is not the only fate that infected teeth have to face. There are very many treatment options which can be used to treat infected teeth and restore their functionality. If anything, extracting infected teeth is normally the last thing on any dentist’s mind because all dentists understand that nothing can quite match the functionality and aesthetics of natural teeth.

Situations when extraction of infected teeth is inevitable

In some special cases though, extraction of infected teeth is inevitable and is deemed beneficial to the patient. In cases where the tooth has suffered from severe decay which eats up the entire pulp and extends down to the roots of the teeth, the dentist has no option but to pull out the infected tooth. Such infected teeth are too sensitive to changes in temperature and pressure and will result in unbearable pain throughout. If these teeth are not pulled out on time, the infection can be spread to other neighboring teeth and possibly to the jawbone and result in very serious complications.

Before extracting the infected tooth, any dentist will always explore the possibilities of treating the tooth. If for example the tooth is affected by dental decay, the dentist will diagnose the tooth to ascertain whether the decay can be combated through root canal treatment. If the damage is beyond repair, then the dentist will be left with no option but to get rid of the infected tooth and think about replacing it with other replacements.

The extraction procedure of an infected tooth

Here at Vita Dental in Spring Texas, we always take the safest and least painful route when it comes to getting rid of a severely infected tooth. Here is a local at how a typical infected tooth is extracted by our team of experienced dentists;

Diagnosis and examination of the tooth

To determine the exact extent of a dental infection, our dentists need to conduct extensive examination and diagnosis of the affected tooth. This examination and diagnosis is done in the first consultation meeting and it is meant to precisely pinpoint the exact cause of the dental infection and ascertain the severity of the infection.

Numbing of the tooth using local anesthesia

The first step in tooth extraction, is numbing of the area surrounding the affected tooth. Here a dentist uses a local anesthetic to numb the nerves making the other subsequent procedures painless. The type of anesthesia that our dentists will use on a patient, depend on the medical history of the patient and other special requests which some patients make regarding sedation.

The actual extraction of the tooth

The actual extraction of the infected tooth will depend on whether the tooth has any cracks or disintegrated parts. If the tooth is in one piece and has no broken parts, then once the tooth is numb and the patient can’t feel any pain whatsoever, the dentist uses special elevators and extraction forceps to expand the tooth’s socket and separate the tooth from the anchoring ligament. Once the tooth is loose enough, the dentist uses the forceps to pull the tooth out. This is the case when the extraction is simple and there no broken off parts.

In some cases, the infection is so bad that it causes the disintegration of parts of the tooth. This type of complication requires surgical extraction where the dentist make a small incision on the gum holding the target infected tooth and then carefully removes all the disintegrated parts of that particular tooth. This second procedure is more complex than the first one and will take some time before the patient heals and starts thinking about replacements for the extracted teeth.

Replacements for the extracted infected tooth

We have a wide range of options available here in Vita Dental Spring which we use to replace the teeth we extract from patients. From dental bridges, dentures to the ever reliable dental implants, we have high quality replacements at competitive rates which will ensure that our patients don’t have to live with missing teeth in their mouths.

Choose Vita Dental Spring for the best dental services

If you are in Spring Texas and are struggling with infected teeth, give us a call here at Vita Dental in Spring Texas for more information on the most appropriate steps to take to cure or get rid of the problematic tooth. Besides extractions and treatment of infected teeth, we offer a wide range of high quality dental services and are looking forward to offering these services to you. Visit our offices in Spring Texas and we will gladly be of service.