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Will dentist pull abscessed tooth- Dentist in Spring Texas

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Will dentist pull abscessed tooth? How does one tell that they are suffering from an abscessed tooth? What is the fate of abscessed teeth? Well these are some of the most common questions which dental patients in and around Spring Texas ask themselves when looking for a dentist in Spring Texas to treat their suspected abscessed teeth.

To understand what abscessed teeth are and their fate, we talked to one of the best dentists in Spring Texas- Dr. Jisoo Shin, DDS. Dr. Jisoo has treated thousands of patients suffering from abscessed teeth and is best placed to address the matter. So, what is an abscessed tooth? Will a dentist pull an abscessed tooth? Here is what Dr. Jisoo Shin had to say;

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth can be termed as a dental contamination that creates when the dental mash in your tooth dies because of traumatic damage or rot. The lifeless tissue normally fills in as a decent base for the development of microorganisms and the contamination may blow out to the tooth foundation. On the off chance that the contamination is left untreated, the tissue will be filled with pus which leads to the general corruption of your verbal and general body wellbeing.

The normal indications one encounters include a serious toothache, a ceaseless impression of weight, swollen red gums, swollen jaws and confront, and experiencing unpalatable taste in your mouth. These are all symptoms which affect the quality of life that one leads and it is wise for one to seek for medical attention as soon as possible.

How to treat an abscessed tooth

There are several ways to handle the problem of an abscessed tooth. The best way to handle an abscessed tooth, is to visit a qualified and certified dentist like we here at Vita Dental Spring as soon as you suspect that you have an abscessed tooth. Our specialists are aware of various opts as well as approaches to use to handle the problem of abscessed teeth.

Just like any dental procedure, dentists will always look to try and restore the abscessed tooth by getting rid of the infected pulp in the abscessed tooth and fill it with a special material. This is however possible if the extent of the damage is not that severe. If the infection is severe and the damage is beyond repair, then the only other viable option, is to extract the abscessed tooth. Here is a look at the extraction process of an abscessed tooth;

Extraction of an abscessed tooth

Antibiotics can be provided by the dentist just before the extraction process begins. The main aim for this is preventing the spreading of the infection to the other tooth. It also eliminates the bacteria present. The actual extraction process can then begin.

The pulling starts with the cleaning of the mouth-to remove any contagious organisms. Anesthesia is then provided to neutralize the pain. Anesthesia is very important in the extraction process as it helps numb out the nerves in and around the tooth to be extracted and make the entire process painless.

When the numbing is complete, the extraction commences. The dentist cuts some tissue parts of the gum surrounding the tooth. The cut back is pulled to leave the root of the tooth exposed. This makes it easier to pull out the tooth. After pulling out, the specialist stitches back the gum tissue together. The mouth is cleansed to get rid of all the blood present during the process. The patient is offered to bite a medical gauze for some time, to enable blood to clot in the extracted area.

The dentist provides a further antibiotic prescription for prevention of any other infection. Alongside antibiotics are also pain relievers that are given in the first few days after the extraction, when the wound is still fresh. In a month’s time or so, the site is expected to heal. One needs to maintain a balanced and advised oral diet. Fast foods and drinks are to be avoided in the first three days after removal.

Is extraction the only fate abscessed teeth face?

As earlier on mentioned, extraction is more often than not the last resort for dentists. They will always look to rehabilitate that damaged tooth and restore its functionality and aesthetics when possible. If the dentist deems the damage not too serious, then there are viable options which can be used to get the tooth back into functional state.

If the possibility of the whole tooth getting infected is low, crowning is the best option. Once the infection goes deeper to the roots, root canal or rather a therapy can be used to save the tooth. If the infection is likely to spread to most parts of the tooth, then extraction becomes the only option.

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Want to know whether a dentist will pull an abscessed tooth? Well, give us a call here at Vita Dental Spring and we will advise accordingly on the best treatment for your abscessed tooth. We offer high quality dental treatment at affordable rates and handling your abscessed tooth will be super easy and quick for us.