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Will Dental Floss Dissolve?  Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

Will Dental Floss Dissolve?  Why Vita Dental Spring is Best? 150 150 Tony

Will Dental Floss Dissolve?  Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

Flossing is one of the most recommended process to good dental hygiene. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, flossing is an important line of defense if you want to fight dental plaque. Flossing removes food particles and plaque that might be hard to reach when you brush. Flossing disturbs harmful bacteria commonly found in plaque stopping them before they can release acid that leads to gum infections or bone loss. The advantages of flossing are numerous.

What is floss made of?

Floss is available in ribbon or string foam. You might also find that it is waxed or un-waxed. If you have ample spaces between your teeth, ribbon floss is the most effective. Additionally, this kind of floss is preferred for children as their teeth are widely spaced. However, if your teeth have contact points you might want to use a narrower floss such as the string floss. If you have crowded or crooked teeth, then waxed or lightly waxed floss might be the best for you.

Dental floss is commonly made of two synthetic compounds nylon or Teflon. Nylon is a fiber forming material that is made up of long-chain synthetic polyamide. A polyamide is any compound that has more than one amide group. An amide is a chemical that is related to ammonia.

Teflon is also known as PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene. Other materials that make up your floss include wax, flavors, and any other additional ingredient that might be added by the manufacturer.

Does dental floss dissolve?

Floss comes in different flavors such as mint, bacon, bubblegum, cupcake, cherry, and coco among others. Most patients will admit that they love the flavors. This is one of the reasons why some of us love to swallow dental floss. If you have this habit, you might wonder if your stomach acid is able to dissolve the floss or if you will be a victim of digestive troubles soon.

Swallowing nonfood items is a common habit among most people. However, if this becomes a habit there can be serious consequences. The stomach has powerful acids that do an excellent job of digesting food. However, some of the nonfood items are not digestible and are often passed as undigested waste.

The plastic and nylon that dental floss is made of are not digestible by your stomach. In most cases, the body will pass the floss undigested and this will not have any problems with your health. However, if you make it a habit of swallowing dental floss regularly it can lead to serious health problems.

Dental floss can collect in your stomach or intestine and cause a blockage. If you are suffering from a blocked GI tract, you will be complaining of abdominal swelling and discomfort, nausea, and inability to pass gas or stool. If you suspect that you have a blocked GI tract, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Your doctor will use conservative therapy to solve the problem but if this does not work, you might have to undergo surgery.

Another serious medical problem that might be caused by regular swallowing of dental floss is the tethering together of two loops of bowel. This happens when the floss is caught by the bowel and the bowel is unable to free itself and thus becomes fused to other pieces of the bowel. This serious problem might need surgery to correct.

It is important that you stop swallowing dental floss if you are in the habit of doing so. In case you are experiencing any symptoms related to the problems named above, you should visit a hospital immediately or call your doctor right away.

Why Visit Vita Dental for Any Flossing Issues

  • Friendly staff

The American Dental Association recommend that you should floss once per day. However, for some patients, they might find that floss keeps being stuck in their teeth and this might discourage them from flossing. Others find flossing a tedious undertaking. When you visit Vita dental for any dental procedure, we will advise you why you should floss more regularly. We ensure to hire cheerful and personable staff. Our friendly staff will show you the best way to floss your teeth and even if your children accompany you, we will convince them to floss daily.

  • Consistent and personalized care

When you visit us we do not treat you just like another case or a statistic, we offer personalized care. We go out of our way to memorize your name and your concerns. We will follow up with you to ensure you are taking good care of your teeth. We honestly do care about your oral health. This consistent and personalized care has led to a high number of patients whose oral health has tremendously improved after visiting Vita Dental.

  • Experienced dentists

Our dentists have over 20 years’ experience in dentistry. You can be sure they have seen it all in this industry. No problem is too hard or too simple for us to handle. If you have an issue with flossing your teeth, try us. We will be glad to help.