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Why Mouthguards Are Important for Kids in Sports

Why Mouthguards Are Important for Kids in Sports 150 150 Tony

Why Mouthguards Are Important for Kids in Sports

Sporting time, both indoors and outdoors, is viewed as a time to have fun and burn off the extra calories from the body. However, the activity can be dangerous to the general oral health especially in children. For this reason, children are advised to put on mouthguards when engaging in any sports.

Mouthguards are devices shaped liked dental trays that are in shape similar to the cheek, gums, and mouth in general. They form a barrier between teeth in the lower and upper jaw thereby preventing them from crashing during an impact.

Several sports require and recommend participants to wear mouthguards, but even in situations where they may not be a necessity, Vita Dental Spring still recommends and advice sportsmen and women to wear them all the time. We hence enlighten you about the importance of kids wearing mouthguards during sports

To Prevent Traumatic Mouth Injury

Trauma is common in preteen and teenage kids who play outdoor games like basketball, volleyball, rugby among others. The mouthguards are designed to absorb shock from a sudden impact with an opponent or any object. The trauma often arises from such shocks hence the need for mouthguards.

To Maintain Their Smile

Oral injuries from sports can be excruciating and have long-term effects on a child’s lips and teeth. This will, in turn, end up affecting their smile. It is therefore recommended that kids use mouthguards to prevent the injuries from reaching the oral parts that constitute a bright and beautiful smile.

Mouthguards are vital in protecting children from orofacial injuries during sports. According to Vita Dental Spring, the possibility of kids injuring themselves in a sports activity is very high. The injuries often result in orofacial injuries that can because other injuries to the teeth and gums.as a way of avoiding such ordeals, mouthguards are the appropriate devices for the task.

Prevents Teeth Damage

A knock or a blow during games is unavoidable. This can lead to damage or loosening of the teeth. Mouthguards can, therefore, play a big role in making sure that the shocks from the blows and knocks do not reach the teeth.

A well-fitted mouthguard may be relevant to kids who wear braces or have bridge works. They provide barriers between these braces and the cheek or lips thus avoiding subjecting the lips and cheeks to injuries too. Besides kids with any orthodontic appliances can also wear the mouthguards. Devices like tooth fillings or implanted teeth should be safeguarded using mouthguards.

Although these mostly cover the upper teeth, Vita Dental Spring offers you with tailored mouthguards that cover even the lower jaws for maximum protection.

Prevent Nerve Injury

The nerves of the teeth are vital in supporting the tooth structure. Any damage to these nerves can lead to massive tooth problems. A mouthguard can play an incredible role in safeguarding the nerves from injuries in case of a knock or blow arising from the sports.

Prevents Cuts And Bruising

Cuts and bruising may be unavoidable at times in kids. With mouthguards on, however, the fear of having a cut or a bruise is reduced. These devices protect any object from reaching the delicate inner parts of the mouth.

Protect Teeth from Dislocations

Heavy knocks during active games like rugby and wrestling can lead to the dislocation of teeth and jaws. Mouthguards will cushion the impact from any impact hence keeping kids secure and avoiding dislocation of teeth.

Prevents Brain Injury

At times, strong knocks to the mouth can cause the jaws to jar together resulting in concussions that can affect the brain. Such damage can be fatal or have long-term effects on the brain. Kids are therefore advised to wear these devices to avert any brain injuries. They reduce the rate at which concussions occur by preventing the lower jaw hinge from forcing itself into the temporal bone during any impact.

Apart from protecting brain injuries and concussions, mouthguards are also important in preventing neck injuries. Whenever the force of a blow is distributed all over the teeth, the impact diminishes the contact between the lower and the upper jaw. This aspect is important in protecting the teeth.

Since the mouthguards play major roles in sporting kids, these devices require proper caring. Some of the best ways of caring for mouth guards according to Vita Dental Spring include:

Parents should help their kids rinse the mouth guards thoroughly with water after wearing them. Germs cling to the mouth guards after any game. Cleaning them is, therefore, the best way of removing such germs.

Damaged and broken mouthguards should be replaced on time. Using broken mouthguards can have adverse effects as they may not work accordingly.

After use, it’s advisable to store them in cool places where they cannot be contacted by other people. Similarly, kids should not share the guards as this may lead to the possible transfer of germs.

Parents, whose kids engage in sports that recommend the use of mouth guards, can visit Vita Dental Spring and get custom-made mouthguards for their kids. Feel free to also contact our team in case of any problem that may arise during the use of mouthguards.