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Why Have Implants Over Dentures

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Why Have Implants Over Dentures

Implants, when used overdentures, tend to provide stability thereby improving comfort and tooth functionality. Some of the immediate benefits of using teeth implants over dentures include;

  • Increased comfort. Implants offer stability over dentures thus eliminating movement in the mouth. It, in turn, leads to increased patient’s satisfaction with no irritation of the gum tissue.
  • It helps restores one’s teeth functionality. One of the primary functions of the teeth is chewing. Implants comfortably affixes the dentures and makes chewing easy and comfortable
  • A patient’s speech is improved.
  • Enhances the tooth aesthetics which in turn promotes confidence
  • Implants offer a permanent solution to missing tooth which in turn reduces the cost and inconveniences of purchasing denture adhesives
  • Reduced invasions. Implants that are used overdentures are usually used over existing dentures thus decreasing gum invasions.

How to Get the Best Results with Implants Over Dentures

When it comes to using implants over dentures, care should be taken thus determine the ideal number and position of implants for best functionality and patient satisfaction. Usually, two to four implants are required depending on a specific case.  To ensure the best is achieved, the dentist must first assess the patient situation and determine the inter-arch space available for the fabrication. Affixing implants in insufficient areas makes the implants vulnerable.  In addition to the space evaluation, it is also essential to determine the retention mechanism to be used in affixing the implants over the dentures. Some of the most common retention mechanisms include magnets, ball, ERA, O-ring, and locators to name but a few.

Factors to consider beforehand

Before treatment commences, a few considerations must be taken into account if best results are to be achieved. One of such concerns is the vertical height of the available bone. It is vital as the implant will be affixed to the existing jawbone. This assessment is critical in that; it will help determine whether or not there is enough jawbone to attach the implant. Another significant consideration is horizontal bone quantity. Just like the vertical bone height, the amount of bone available in a given patient is equally important.  Thirdly, your doctor will also need to determine any other anatomic concerns that are specific to you as the patient. These considerations are important because, in affixing the implant, the doctor must be aware of the particular case in his hands to ensure proper affixation and prevent any injuries. Various scanning options can be used in performing these assessments including radiography, x-rays, CBCT scans, etc.

The Best Candidate For This Treatment

Getting tooth implants over dentures can be beneficial in some ways as seen above. However, before booking an appointment, it is usually prudent to assess your case. Generally speaking, any healthy person who can undergo a tooth extraction can undergo the procedure. However, underlying medical conditions including gum diseases, diabetes, heart diseases may require particular attention, before, during and after the process. Your doctor must first assess your case to know if you are an ideal candidate. However, perfect candidates include dissatisfied dental patients, those with severely compromised teeth and any other healthy candidate with missing teeth regardless age.