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Why Dental Implants are Important? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

Why Dental Implants are Important? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best? 150 150 Tony

Why Dental Implants are Important? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

Teeth are designed to last a lifetime but an accident, disease, tooth decay, or an infection can lead to the loss of a tooth. However, you have an option of replacing a missing tooth using a dental implant. The replacement of your tooth is not only good for your physical appearance but for your overall health too.

The use of dental implants has been an effective method to replace missing teeth for more than 50 years. It is a known and accepted dental procedure. Many dental practitioners including your regular dentist have extensive knowledge and experience performing the procedure.

Dental implants are the perfect substitutes for missing teeth. They are made up of the fixture, which is the part that fuses with your jawbone and is embedded in the gum. The fixture is an artificial root that acts as the support for the other parts of the tooth. The abutment lies above the gum line and acts as the support for the dental crown that is placed on it. The crown is the part that sits on the abutment. It is also the visible part of the tooth and looks and functions just like the natural tooth.

Why Do You Need A Dental Implant?

Dental implants will provide artificial roots to hold other teeth in place and prevent bone loss. Additionally, your facial appearance will be preserved and you can afford a beautiful smile after the procedure.

  • Restores your smile

One of the major reasons dental implants are important is because they give you back that beautiful and confident smile. When you have a missing tooth, you might not have the confidence to smile often especially in public. However, a dental implant restores the missing tooth or teeth and gives you the confidence you need to smile more.

Additionally, dental implants are perfectly fitted in your mouth and are not like dentures that keep slipping from your mouth harboring your speech or smile.

  • Protects against bone loss

Dental implants also prevent bone loss. When you lose your tooth, bone loss in the jawbone occurs naturally, this loss compromises the integrity of the neighboring tooth root and the stability of the tooth. The healthy teeth shift begins to tilt and become unstable. This can lead to more teeth loss in the future.

  • Preserves your facial appearance

Teeth loss leaves a gap in the area where your tooth was initially located. The shifting of neighboring teeth to fill the gap can cause bone loss. The loss of bone leads to the sunken appearance in your face, which can make you look older. However, an implant will fill the space of the lost tooth.

  • Allows you to chew better

Lost teeth minimize your ability to chew different kinds of food. The chewing efficiency is drastically reduced. This means you might no longer enjoy your favorite meals. Further, well-chewed foods are easier to digest and this allows for better nutrients absorption.  Dental implants are a replacement for your missing teeth and their functionality is like that of your natural teeth such that you will comfortably chew on any foods.

  • Minimal maintenance

Dental implants are almost like your natural teeth. They need proper oral care and if you take good care of them, they can last a lifetime. All you need to do is brush and floss regularly. You also need the routine dental professional cleanings and scheduled checkups. Their success rate is as high as 98% so you do not have to worry about replacements or expensive treatments to maintain the health of your implant.

  • Prevents blurring of speech

When you have missing upper teeth, especially incisors your pronunciation and normal speech can be hindered or blurred. These teeth play a vital role in constants pronunciation. If you choose to use adjustable dentures, you will still struggle to pronounce words correctly until your mouth adjusts to the dentures. However, dental implants are just like your natural teeth and once they are implanted, your speech will improve.

Why Vita Dental Is The Best

  • Experienced dentists

Our experienced dentists have handled numerous cases of dental implants and have more than 20 years’ experience. Even the most complicated cases are easy for them. They are always available to answer all your questions while ensuring the implant procedure is performed with gentle hands and the greatest attention to detail.

  • Affordable

At Vita Dental, affordable dental implants are available. We accept most insurance options and we also offer other payment options. Although every individual needs are different we offer economical dental implant procedures that you can afford to pay for.

  • Personalized care

We treat each patient as a friend and our specialized dentists will follow up on your progress. We care about our patients and we listen to your concerns and answer any questions.

  • Consistent care

At Vita Dental, we ensure the success of your implant by offering consistent after treatment care. When you come for follow up visits, we check your overall dental health and treat any dental concerns you might have. Our consistent care ensures a high success rate of the dental implants we do at our facility.