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Why Choose Preventative Dentistry?

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Why Choose Preventative Dentistry?

If you do not pay close attention to your oral health and don’t take good care of your teeth, you will end up having to spend a lot of money paying for restorative dental care. You can avoid getting to that level by practicing preventative dentistry. 

Preventative dentistry is fairly cheap

Looking at the necessary things that make preventative dentistry possible, it is easy to note just how cheap and affordable they are as compared to the cost of undergoing a primary dental procedure. Learning to make these small investments in ensuring you maintain proper oral health standards go a long way and can save you a lot of cash. If you neglect preventative dentistry and have to undergo a restorative dental procedure, you will still have to start practicing preventative dentistry if you want to protect your teeth from further damage.

Saves you trips to the dentist

If you get chills in your blood whenever you know you have to visit a dentist, then you can minimize the number of time you visit a doctor by taking seriously preventative dental care. A person with tooth problems has to make regular visits to the dentist for the treatment and follow-up procedures. But is you practice preventative dentistry, the only visits you will have to make are checkups, which can be one or two in a year. And your appointments will not be characterized by shots, drills, and pain.

Early detection of arising dental complications

Most of the dental problems can get treated when detected early but get worse when they are left untreated for a long time. Preventative dentistry is not only meant to help maintain high oral hygiene standards but, also, to detect any dental complications early enough before they become a nuisance and cause more damage. The approach, moreover, helps save you money as early treatment of dental complications usually costs a lot less compared to the late treatment of dental flaws.

Preventative dentistry helps you save time

A dental procedure is not something that can be done in just a few minutes. For effectiveness and efficiency, a dentist has to take their time when treating you. Dental appointments usually take hours. After the treatment, there is the healing period that follows. It could take days. The period between the time of treatment and complete healing could take weeks; a period during which you will have to stall most, if not all, of your other activities. Brushing and flossing take not more than 15 minutes in a day. In short, practicing preventative dentistry can save you a great deal of time.

To prevent tooth loss

Preventative dentistry is not just a matter of flossing, brushing and going for dental checkups. There is, also, the aspect of taking care of your teeth when engaging in vigorous activities like sports. Sports such as boxing, basketball, and rugby, just to mention a few, are very vigorous and one can easily lose their tooth when knocked by other players. Even for kids, it is easy for them to lose their teeth when playing since they are very active. To help protect the teeth, one can always have a mouth guard to protect the teeth.

Improved comfort

Dental complications happen to be very painful and uncomfortable. The surgeries and the other dental procedures can be even more painful at times. Preventative dentistry helps you avoid being in such a situation by averting dental complications.

Preventative dentistry is crucial in eradicating lousy breath

Many people never realize that they have bad breath until they notice people keeping a certain distance when they talk to them. Halitosis is usually caused by bacteria in the mouth that causes decay and infections. Brushing, flossing and dental checkups – which are part of preventative dentistry practices – help in getting rid of bacteria from the mouth by removing remnants of food and maintaining a clean tongue.

Maintaining general body health

Part of dental care, also, involves the consumption of foods that facilitate the growth of healthy bones and teeth and avoiding foods that may cause tooth decay. Foods that are full of carbohydrates and sugars are dangerous to the teeth since they provide food for the bacteria resulting in dental plaque. Foods that have low levels of calcium increase the chances of a person developing a periodontal disease which is, also, called gum disease or their jaw start deteriorating. Having a proper diet ensures that your teeth are healthy and your overall body too.

To prevent your teeth from losing color

When teeth become stained, they look pretty ugly and unattractive. Staining usually is a result of consuming certain types of food, drinks and smoking tobacco. Smoking is the worst and often results in one developing gum disease and even oral cancer. Preventative dentistry helps maintain the natural color of your teeth through regular cleaning and controlled bleaching when necessary.