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Why Choose Invisalign?

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Why Choose Invisalign?

Other than crooked and misaligned teeth looking unsightly, they are pretty hard to clean. The good news is that you are now able to realign your teeth and restore their beautiful natural look. Initially, we had metal braces – which still exist and are widely used – but now we have Invisalign. This tooth alignment treatment usually allows you to transform your teeth and smile comfortably and discretely using colorless custom-made aligners. They gradually straighten your teeth without you having to wear the metal braces that are easily visible. 

Eliminates the embarrassment of wearing braces

Having brace can be quite embarrassing especially if you are a young person. Sometimes one may find it quite hard to smile in front of their peers just because they have a fairly conspicuous metal frame wrapped around their teeth. That is, however, not the case with Invisalign. The aligners are usually molded from a transparent plastic that makes them almost invisible. It requires a keen eye for one to notice them in your mouth. It means that with them, you can talk and laugh more confidently without feeling embarrassed.

Invisalign is versatile

The beauty of Invisalign treatment is that regardless of whether your tooth defect is just small or severe, it works perfectly for both situations. This procedure can correct a relatively wide array of tooth alignment issues effectively.

They are comfortable

Another good thing about clear braces is that they can be removed easily. One is typically required to have them on for at least 22 hours every day. It means that you can remove them for about an hour or two every day. As for metal braces, once the orthodontics specialist attaches the braces to your teeth, you will have to have them on until they come to remove them professionally. The removability of the clear braces allows you to clean them daily and be able to eat and drink comfortably with your natural teeth.

Invisible braces are safe

The traditional metal braces are made of wires and contain protruding bits on them. It means that a person wearing them stands a pretty high chance of being punctured on the inside of their mouth or their gums. The clear braces, on the other hand, have a very smooth surface and are safe. There are no protruding bits on it. Also, metal braces have been known to cause demineralization and decaying of teeth if not handled properly. Invisible braces minimize the damage that one would have experienced had they used metal braces.

Invisalign treatment takes a shorter time

Invisalign treatment is a pretty quick tooth realignment option. While alignment of teeth using metal braces can take up to 5 years, alignment using invisible braces usually take about a year and a half for your teeth to be fully aligned. It means that you will have fewer appointments with your dentist.

It is possible to correct in the middle of treatment

Once in a while, the teeth movement does not go as projected. In case this happens, there is usually need to take action change the impressions. A new examination is usually done, the movement of the teeth recalculated and new clear braces molded in conformance to the new results. This level of flexibility makes this mode of treatment pretty admirable.

Invisible braces give you more freedom with the types of food you eat

When you have the traditional metal braces, chips, nuts, and candy are scrapped off the list of things you can consume since they can cause you problems mainly when they stick on the bits on the braces. As stated earlier, invisible braces are easily removable hence you can take them off when having these kinds of meals, brush and floss then put them back on. You will not have to sacrifice your favorite snack for years.

It is much easier to maintain good oral health

The removability of the clear braces, also, allows you to keep good oral hygiene and health. You can just remove them, clean your teeth and put them back on.

The cost is almost similar to metal braces

The cost of getting clear braces is practically identical to the cost of getting metal braces. Usually, orthodontics specialists offer their client flexible payment options that will last throughout treatment. As such, one should not worry you that you are going to spend more. The concept is pretty much the same as that of metal braces only that it is efficient.

Allows you to do several other activities

Metal braces usually come with some limitations. Often one cannot speak as openly as they used to due to the metal braces in their mouth. Also, it is usually quite difficult to engage in some types of sports. Clear braces have no such limitations. All you have to do is take them off, do the activity you want to and once you are done, you can put them back on.