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Why Choose Implant Overdentures over Natural Teeth in Spring Texas?

Why Choose Implant Overdentures over Natural Teeth in Spring Texas? 150 150 Tony

They are Easier to Install

Consider a person who has lost all of his/her teeth. Supposing that the person chooses to go with natural teeth replacements, then the dentist will have to install each tooth in its cavity. It would take a long time and demand a lot of effort not only from the dentist but also from the patient.

Implant overdentures, on the other hand, are easier to install when it comes to all-on-four implants. Unlike natural teeth which come in single units, dental implants can be designed to cover a larger surface. For instance, all-on-four dentures come in just four pieces which replace all teeth. It makes them much easier to install, and they don’t come with most complications associated with the former thanks to the cutting edge technology used.

Implant overdentures also heal quicker than natural teeth, especially if there are several missing teeth involved. What’s more, since they can all be installed at once, healing is uniform so that you can get back to your regular life at once.

They Perform Just as Good as Natural Teeth

The most important thing to consider is performance. Among other teeth, replacement solutions are temporary implants which can be inserted and removed. These implants are quite cumbersome and irritating, and although they are the cheapest, they are not very popular.

Implant overdentures attach to your jawbones as your natural teeth would. What’s more, they are just as hard as natural teeth, and their resilience to corrosive elements makes them more durable. Additionally, implant overdentures also look just like natural teeth. When performing the procedure, the dentist will adjust your mouth to give your teeth a more uniform appearance – this means a perfect smile that will always leave an impression.

Go for Quality

Implant overdentures come in diverse types and brands, and not all are the same. What’s more, the performance of your dentures will depend on their quality, and who installs them.

As such, it is recommended to go only for the best quality implant overdentures. To avoid any mishaps, consult the services of a professional and experienced dentist who will guide you through the entire process.

Ensure Hygiene and Keep Up Trips to the Dentist

One of the fundamental differences between implant overdentures and natural teeth is that the former do not have pulps. Pulps act as early signals that warn of diseases. Implant dentures will not indicate that you are suffering from diseases early enough, which delays treatment and can lead to worse conditions. As such, it is essential to keep your dentist’s schedule to ensure that you are always in top shape.

Additionally, ensure that you maintain reasonable hygiene standards – the fact that implant overdentures are more resilient than natural teeth does not justify poor oral hygiene.