How Much Effective Is Implant Overdentures Over Natural Teeth
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Why Choose Implant Overdentures Over Natural Teeth?

Why Choose Implant Overdentures Over Natural Teeth? 150 150 Tony

Why Choose Implant Overdentures over Natural Teeth?

Teeth may rank among the hardest parts of the human body, but they tend to fall off at some point. When they do, you have the option of replacing them either with natural teeth or implant overdentures. Most people don’t know whether to go with natural teeth or implant overdentures. Experts, however, will always recommend the latter. Why?

Here are four reasons why implant overdentures are better than natural teeth when it comes to teeth replacement.

They are Resilient

Natural teeth may seem inanimate, but they are alive. They respond to stimulants and, like every other part of the body, they grow old and eventually become weaker. For instance, exposure to sugar and bacteria leads to decay in natural teeth.

Implant overdentures, however, are made of synthetic material that is just as hardy as enamel but inorganic. To this end, they are more resilient against most of the factors that would harm natural teeth. It means that they will be more durable, and you can look forward to a healthy mouth even as you age. What’s more, you don’t have to put up with typical oral problems such as tooth decays that are often very painful and disruptive. 

They are Cheap.

Teeth are essential not only for your anatomy but also for your social, personal, and professional life. For instance, gaps in the denture often put people off, hence ruining a person’s social life. In fact, many employers are reluctant to hire people with crooked teeth, let alone missing teeth. As such, teeth are precious. They are also quite expensive, but prices vary depending on whether you choose natural teeth or implant overdentures. 

Natural teeth are more expensive compared to implant overdentures as they are, well, natural and organic. The latter, however, are cheaper as they are made of synthetic materials and readily available. Considering that prices may range by thousands of dollars, implant overdentures are recommended for those on a budget.

Natural teeth are weaker than implant overdentures, and they may not last long in spite of forking out thousands of dollars.