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Why Choose Implant Dentistry?

Why Choose Implant Dentistry? 150 150 Tony

Why Choose Implant Dentistry?

Dental Implants have come to replace Root Canal Therapy as the most preferred tooth replacement option. The procedure usually involves the installation of a small titanium post into one’s jawbone that serves to support the artificial crown. Dental implants have increasingly become popular because they are comfortable and very convenient as compared to all the other tooth replacement options. 

Dental Implants are almost similar to the natural tooth

Just like the way a natural tooth has a root that anchors it securely to the jawbone, an implanted tooth begins right from the jawbone where the titanium implant is placed. Titanium is a unique metal that can fuse with the bone structure without the body rejecting it. It is what takes on the function of a natural root. The artificial crown is what acts as the standard tooth crown. Usually, a dental implant is indistinguishable from the other natural teeth since they look and function just like them.

They are a permanent tooth replacement option

While other tooth replacement options only serve you for a limited number of years before they become ineffective, dental implants can last up to a lifetime if they are taken care of properly.

Comfort and convenience

Apart from functioning just like natural teeth, dental implants, also, feel like the natural teeth and hence grant you comfort and convenience. Once the tooth is in place, all you have to do is carry out your standard oral hygiene practices that will ensure the implant lasts. It is unlike removable dentures that have to be adjusted now and then, which can be messy and may cause sore spots inside your mouth.

Improved speech

Having a missing tooth usually changes how one speaks. Having dentures does not improve the situation either since they can make you sound garbled. They are typically removable and thus can fall any time while talking. The result often is slurring and mumbling of words. It means that every time you have to open your mouth to speak, your focus is on both the speech and your teeth. Dental implants, on the other, hand are safe and allow you to talk with confidence without having to worry that the tooth will slip while they are talking.

Able to prevent bone loss which leads to aged appearance

When you lose a tooth, the bone loss usually follows, and that is inevitable. For the bone to rebuild itself and stay healthy, the bone structure requires stimulation by serving its purpose of holding and supporting the tooth. If a tooth gap is not filled, the bone tissue in that area will start to melt away. The result is that your lips begin to shrink and your face sinks making you look older than you are. Additionally, your remaining jawbone and teeth become susceptible to damage with time. Dental implants help stabilize the jawbone by replacing the preexisting tooth and preventing bone loss.

Help protect the adjacent teeth

When you get a dental implant, you do not have to worry that the health of your adjacent teeth will be affected. It is unlike other tooth replacement option. A good example is bridging. Bridging requires the support of the adjacent teeth. Over time, they become weak and may start to decay. Dentures too require the other adjacent teeth for support. Dental implants, however, do not need the support of the other teeth. They have their support from the jawbone and the titanium post.

Healing after treatment is not very painful.

While getting a dental implant is undergoing major surgery, the procedure is relatively painless. The pain experienced is minimal. Usually, one does not feel any pain while the operation goes on. The only time one can experience some level of pain is during the first few days after the surgery when the healing begins. Even better, a patient is usually given painkillers for the pain. After the first few days, you can go on with your activities without feeling any pain at all – assuming no unforeseen complication arises.

Fully restored oral functions

Eating requires active tooth action and missing a tooth can be a great inconvenience and hindering factor. Replacing your tooth with dentures does not make things better either. They are not strong and hence cannot allow you to eat certain types of food. Also, they may slide while chewing and having to adjust them every time they slip can be untidy and complicated. Dental implants make chewing food more comfortable. You can eat comfortably without worrying that they are going to slip. 

Also, when it comes to the choice of food, some foods cannot be consumed if you have dentures. It means someone may have to skip a healthy diet just because their teeth cannot allow them to consume such foods. Dental implants allow you to consume all manner of foods comfortably.