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Why All on 4 is a Fantastic Denture Alternative

Why All on 4 is a Fantastic Denture Alternative 150 150 Tony

Why All on 4 is a Fantastic Denture Alternative

Tooth loss is quite common in adults, especially as people age. We at Vita Dental Spring attend to cases of tooth loss all the time. In the US alone, over 35 million people are missing all their up and or the lower teeth. Most of them have turned to dentures as a solution. However, there is a better choice.

Thanks to developments in modern dentistry, they can benefit from all-on-4 dental implants. The implants are placed at an angle, which ensures they are in contact with as much bone mass as possible. As a result, bone grafting is not needed, which is great for aged people. The four implants are used to hold a full arch of artificial teeth. Here are some reasons why we at Vita Dental Spring believe that you get all-on-4 dental implants.

There Is No Need for Bone Grafting

With the normal implants, older patients unusually have to get a bone graft due to the bone loss that is caused by tooth loss. However, due to the unique way in which the implants are placed in the jaw, it means they utilize the little amount of bone that is present.

They Take Little Time

With just four implants, you can replace the need for dentures and have a set of permanent bridges in just a day. We at Vita Dental Spring offer this procedure, and we can help you get them in just a day. This is quite fast compared to normal implants. In most cases, it takes months for you to get the normal implants. With these implants, you will experience a dramatic improvement in overall comfort and teeth stability.

Improving Your Overall Appearance

With all on four implants, you will get a natural looking smile, compared to using dentures. This can help to shave off a full 20 years from your appearance. This procedure will also help to preserve the jawbone. The jawbone helps to support a youthful facial structure. Without the roots that support this structure, your facial muscles will not have a place to anchor. This will usually cause a sunken look. The dental implants will help in bone regeneration, which can help to eliminate wrinkles from your face.

Eat Whatever You Want Whenever You Want

When you get them, all-on-4 implants, you can start to consume whatever you want. That means you can enjoy your favorite foods once again. This will not just bring your personal happiness. It will also improve your health. Once you are not able to consume some foods, it immediately causes you to miss some essential nutrients in your diet. Besides that, you will be able to enjoy food in public again. Your fear that your dentures could slip out and embarrass you will be over.

Requires Minimal Surgery

When you lose your entire row of teeth, it may seem like you will need to get an implant for each missing tooth. However, the all-on-4 implants ensure you only get four. Thus, you do not have to worry about multiple surgeries in your mouth. The more surgeries you get, the more the potential risk. These implants help to mitigate that.

There Will Be No Need for Future Improvements

A good pair of dentures usually lasts about five years. After that, you will need to go back for surgery to get the issue fixed. The implants will support an implant-supported bridge. The dental implants will never be removed or require replacement. In fact, it will last you a lifetime.

Enhance Your Quality Of Life

With the all-on-4 implants, your teeth will look and function like your real teeth. You will have great comfort and confidence when you eat, smile, and speak. In general, you will feel great, and you will have more self-confidence. It will renew your outlook on life and thus improve the overall quality of life.

Eliminate Health Issues That Come With Missing or Failing Teeth

All-on-4 implants help to create a healthier mouth; the dentures are usually a great breeding ground for bacteria. When you create a healthier mouth, it helps to improve the health of your body.

Periodontal disease is suspected to cause heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and other chronic issues. Since the dental implants help to restore that mouth to a natural state, this will help to fend off gums disease. Dental implants help to make brushing flossing easy, which improves your health.

Easy To Care for Dental Health

One benefit of all-on-4 implants is that they make it easy to care for your oral health. With just a simple toothbrush and floss, your new teeth will stay clean and healthy. If you visit dentists such as those at Vita Dental Spring on a regular basis, you will be in great oral health.


If you live in the Spring, TX area, you should come for a consultation. We can then help you get the all-on4 implants if you qualify.