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Who To Go To For Emergency Root Canals?

Who To Go To For Emergency Root Canals? 150 150 Tony

Who to Go to for Emergency Root Canals?

The idea of a root canal often sounds scary. This is partly due to misrepresentation in the media. However, if you find in so much pain that you cannot sleep or go on with your day, you need to go for an emergency root canal. We at Vita Dental Spring often conduct root canals.

We have been serving the residents of Spring, TX for a long time for dental emergencies, including root canals. Next time you need an emergency root canal; do not hesitate to contact Vita Dental Spring.

What You Should Know

The good news is that a root canal does not hurt. Certainly not when they are compared to why you needed emergency dental care in the first place. The root canal is what will help to take away the pain; infected abscesses crawling with bacteria just below the gum line causes this pain. We at Vita Dental Spring will do our very best to ensure any discomfort is kept to a minimum.

Signs that You May Have a Root Canal Emergency

Any injury or cavity can damage that tooth’s root. When this happens, the toot will become infected, and it will cause the surrounding tissue to swell. Here are the common signs it is an emergency, which cannot wait until tomorrow.

  • Severe Pain

If you are in severe pain that makes it hard for you to even breathe through your mouth, you need to visit us at Vita Dental Spring.

Once you come to us at Vita Dental Spring, we will first numb the tooth. This will ensure that you are no longer in pain. After that, the emergency root canal can start. When the numbness ends, the pain from the tooth will be gone. You can then wait a few days before you regain full use of the tooth.

  • You Have An Abscess

An abscess often occurs if the tooth is dead. If you think the tooth might be dead, you need to contact us as soon as you can. This type of tooth will often be quite painful. The abscess can be seen as a lump that forms on the gums next to the tooth. It may also cause the face to swell quite a lot. This will usually make it hard for you to fully open your mouth.

After the root canal, we will also give you an injection of antibiotics and give you a prescription for more. This will reduce the swelling, and it will prevent the bacteria from spreading. In some cases, we will also drain the tooth, which usually offers immediate relief. After draining the tooth, the doctor will move on to the root canal stage. He will then fill the space with a filling.

Spotting the symptoms of an emergency root canal is important. When you come to us, we will be able to handle it as fast as possible. No matter how bad your emergency might be, we can handle it. Oral health problems can spiral out of control if they are not handled fast. Thus, timely treatment is important to prevent the rotten root from spreading the infection.

How Will A root Canal Change the Tooth

A tooth with no nerves works in the same way as other teeth. If it has fully emerged, it is not going to change much. You need to maintain good oral health to avoid the infection from coming back.

Where Else to Go for a Root Canal

In some cases, our offices might be locked up. In such a case, do not wait until morning to see a regular dentist. All modern hospitals in the US have an emergency department. They will conduct the root canal to save you from the pain.

If you are in extreme pain, some OTC pain medication can offer some relief. However, once the pain is gone, do not go back to sleep. Get yourself to the emergency department and have the issue resolved. The root could become infected and leak bacteria into the bloodstream. In enough amounts, the bacteria can cause a heart attack.

What Will Happen If You Wait?

Tooth decay will continue to progress until it is treated. If you wait too long, the tooth may be so damaged that it has to be extracted and thrown away. If you wait for even a day or two, the infection will spread to the gums and jaws. With time, it could cause the jawbone to rot too. You might lose a section of your jaw and soft tissues due to the delay. You might also end up undergoing a lot of surgeries just for you to be able to use your mouth. It could also cause many other adjacent teeth to fall out.

If you think you require an emergency root canal, get in touch with us. We can make a full assessment and choose the best treatment option.