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How do Whitening Toothpastes Work and How Effective are They?

How do Whitening Toothpastes Work and How Effective are They? 150 150 admin

I am sure you have seen the ads on TV trying to sell you whitening toothpastes and you are wondering whether they are actually real. When you look at the models tasked with advertising the toothpaste, you can’t help but believe the story because their teeth are sparkling clean and are white as milk.

For skeptical consumers though, the air of uncertainty hangs over the efficiency of the whitening toothpastes. Do they actually work? If they work, how do they clean the teeth? How effective are they? Are they just fads meant to siphon our money? We talked to Dr. Jin Shoo,DDS and she was kind enough to provide us with useful insights on the whitening toothpastes and their effectiveness in ‘bleaching’ teeth.

First of all, it is important to note that all our teeth have different colour shades. Most of us actually have teeth which are yellowish and brown in color. Very few people have the bright white teeth that we have all been made to believe is the right color for teeth. There actually is nothing like the right color for teeth. White is loved by masses because this is the color which we see our movie stars and celebrities with and we assume that it is the perfect teeth color. To be fair as well, the bright white teeth are more attractive than the yellowish teeth which look somewhat stained even after thorough brushing. So when people hear of a toothpaste that can help them whiten their yellowish or discoloured teeth, they can’t resist the chance of trying these whitening toothpastes. The big question however is whether these things actually work.

Whitening toothpastes

Unlike regular toothpastes which are meant to help remove superficial stains from the surface of teeth, whitening toothpastes are manufactured with the intention of removing more stains from the surface of your teeth and help change the color of your teeth. These whitening toothpastes have some special chemical and polishing agents in them that provide additional stain removal. These toothpastes have more abrasive ingredients than the regular toothpastes. Ingredients such as silica are in abundance in whitening toothpastes and they help scour the surface of the teeth to remove any stains and render the teeth whiter.

The results of using whitening toothpastes are not as rapid as the adverts make them look. Actually, whitening toothpastes will not change the color of your teeth that much. They are just better placed to remove stains such as those that are caused by smoking and excessive coffee consumption. If the natural shade of your teeth was not white, you shouldn’t t expect to get a pearl white set of teeth afterusing the whitening toothpastes.

Consider bleaching instead

If what you are looking for is completely changing the color shade of your teeth, then you might as well consider bleaching your teeth. Bleaching your teeth is more complex than using ordinary whitening toothpastes and will yield in perfectly white teeth. Bleaching can change your color by as many as 5 shades which is really significant. The bleachers used contain an active ingredient which is mostly carbamide peroxide which removes both surface and deep stains. Dentists have other techniques of bleaching teeth like use of custom mouthpieces which require the patient to wear them for several hours and they will help change the colour of teeth.

After the bleaching is done, the whitening toothpastes are then recommended to help maintain the new shade of teeth and prevent stains from developing on the surface of the teeth. Whitening toothpastes on their own cannot change the natural color of teeth and will only enhance the new look of the beached teeth.

This does not mean that the toothpastes are not effective. They are effective as far cleaning superficial stains is concerned. They will help get rid of any stain or yellowing that arises from coffee consumption, smoking or lack of regular brushing. They are more efficient in cleaning teeth than the ordinary toothpastes and this is because of the abrasive ingredients they have.

We at Vita Dental offer both cleaning and teeth bleaching services. If you are looking to permanently change the color shade of your teeth, then you need to visit us today for the best bleaching services in Houston. We use the best technology in the market in cleaning and bleaching teeth and you can therefore nothing short of a bright set of white teeth. Our dentists will also be more than glad to recommend the best whitening toothpastes for daily use. They have been long enough in the industry to know and understand the products that work and those that are not as effective.

For more information on the significance and effectiveness of whitening toothpastes, Visit to Houston Vita Dentist today and our dentists will gladly offer professional help.