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Which Dentist Does Implants?

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Which Dentist Does Implants?

Before the 1950s, dental implants were virtually unheard. Eventually, the father of implant dentistry, Professor Branemark, introduced the concept about 50 years ago. It was considered a breakthrough in dentistry as well as medicine, and it was a practice reserved for only the leading and renowned dentists. 

Fast forward to today – virtually every dentist claims to be capable of performing dental implants operations. Technology has made it easier and safer, and this has enabled even minimally qualified dentists to do it. However, while it may seem safe and straightforward, it is nevertheless important to remember that dental implant operations are sophisticated and any mistakes may lead to dire consequences. As such, you should only solicit the services of a dentist qualified and licensed to perform dental implant operations.

Traits of a Dental Implant Dentist

How do you know whether a particular dentist is qualified to perform dental implants? Here are factors you should look out for:

  • Qualification and Certification

There is a growing trend whereby companies purporting to offer classes on implant dentistry are luring general dentists. These courses are surprisingly short – in fact, they are so short that they last for only one weekend and go for less than ten hours. Most of these companies market dental implants and complementary accessories, so it is safe to conclude that they are just seeking to expand their business.

Learning implant dentistry takes more than just a few hours. Dentists who are qualified to do dental implants are required to take dental classes from recognized schools and under the supervision of professional tutors and dentists.

As such, check to see whether the dentist is qualified to perform dental implants. Be thorough and demand to know the issuer of their certificate – work only with dentists who have their documents issued by recognized dentistry schools. 

  • Licensing

In addition to qualification and certification, the dentist also has to be licensed to perform any dental implant operations. There is no specific license for a dental implant dentist. However, permits do categorize dentists according to their qualifications and capabilities – for instance; there is a particular license for general dentists and another for oral surgeons.

As such, ensure that the dentist is not only licensed to practice dentistry but also to engage in advanced operations such as implant dentistry – ignore general dentists unless they are certified, as explained above.