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Which Dentist Does Crowns in Spring Texas?

Which Dentist Does Crowns in Spring Texas? 150 150 Tony

Which Dentist Does Crowns in Spring Texas?

What do they do?

As their name suggests, they deal with prosthetics for dental issues. They engage in procedures that aim to replace part or all of the teeth with substitutes. Some of the procedures that they carry out are:

  • Porcelain Veneers

These are thin materials placed on top of the front surfaces of teeth. The result is better aesthetics for the patient. These veneers are placed on the teeth by first having a tiny piece of the enamel removed. It helps to keep the teeth from seeming too bulky. In some cases, veneers are also used to help close small gaps in teeth.

  • Crowns

Crowns often called “caps” are covers placed on the teeth. They are usually used as replacements for the visible surface of the tooth. The crows are made of porcelain, metal or porcelain and metal. The crowns are typically glued to a tooth that has strong and healthy roots. They are usually performed after a root canal exercise or to repair a fractured or broken tooth.

  • Dental Implants

When the need to replace both the tooth and the visible tooth arises, they are the experts that carry it out. The implant is considered the gold standard in replacing missing teeth. The procedure entails the use of a titanium metal piece that is placed inside the jaw in a simple process.

When this screw fuses with the bone, it forms an anchor for the crown. The implants can be used for a single tooth replacement, multiple teeth or to support bridges and dentures. While other specialists do the surgery to place the implant in the gum, the design and placement of the crown are left to a prosthodontist. Although implants come with a high initial cost, they offer great value over time. In most cases, they will last for the life of the patient.

  • Fixed Bridges

This method uses existing teeth to support an artificial tooth placed to conceal the gap. A series of crowns are created and attached to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap. They work like a road bridge, providing a foundation to prop the crown for the missing tooth. Bridges have been around for many years and are proven to work quite well. However, they require particular attention when cleaning, and could affect the teeth to which they are attached.

  • Dentures

These come in different types including partial, full, and those supported by implants. They can improve functionality and aesthetics of those that have lost teeth. It is especially so when the dentures are made to high standards. However, dentures will usually need one to adjust to them. For some people, this adjustment period proves too much.

  • Reconstructive Dentistry

It is all part of what the prosthodontist can do. He also designs steps of a dental restoration and ensures the restoration goes according to plan. Whether they are doing a simple sile restoration or restoration work after a major surgery, the prosthodontist has a vital role to play. They can also perform oral cancer screening. Additionally, they diagnose and treat TMJ and sleep apnea.

These professionals often work with technicians in dental laboratories to create prosthetics from high tech materials. They will ensure that you get the best possible dental crown or other replacement for your teeth. If you require a crown replacement or different type of dental replacement, your regular dentist will most likely refer you to them. They are the best in the dental field for these procedures.