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Which Dentist Does Crowns? 

Which Dentist Does Crowns?  150 150 Tony

Which Dentist Does Crowns? 

If you have a problem with your teeth, one of the conventional procedures to repair them is a dental crown. However, not all dentists can install crowns on your teeth. If your regular dentist recommends that you get a crown, you will probably need to see a specialist. This specialist is known as a prosthodontist.

Who is a Prosthodontist

Prosthodontists are specialist dentists whose primary area of focus is missing teeth. They are also involved in the restoration and of damaged teeth. These dentists are often called “smile architects” in the dental world. They understand all that it takes to give a patient that beautiful natural-looking smile.

They do not just deal with teeth but the lips, gums, and other facial features. When you require a smile overhaul, a whole team of specialist dentists is usually assembled with the prosthodontist captaining it.

How do Prosthodontists Qualify for this Role

When he or she graduates from dental school after studying for four years, he or she goes for an extra three years of training in a graduate program. The program has to have received the approval of the American Dental Association. The training involves specialized teaching and hours of clinical experience. At the end of it, he or she can use these skills to treat simple or complex issues. They are part of the nine ADA-approved dental specialists.