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Which Dental Floss is Best? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

Which Dental Floss is Best? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best? 150 150 Tony

Which Dental Floss is Best? Why Vita Dental Spring is Best?

When you visit your dentist, you will most likely be asked how often you floss. In most cases, the answer is usually not as much as you should. Flossing is not a simple task but it is truly beneficial to us. In most cases, flossing is as important as brushing teeth. Even you may brush daily; it will not matter if you do not floss. We at Vita Dental Spring would like to tell you why you should floss often and what type of dental floss you should use.

The Benefits of Flossing

Here are some surprising benefits you get when you floss daily.

  • It prevents gingivitis

Gingivitis, which is the inflammation of gums, can be quite painful. It usually entails swollen and bleeding gums. One way you can prevent this disease is by flossing often. It helps to remove plaque on the gum line, which causes the disease.

  • It controls diabetes

Most people may be surprised to hear that diabetes and flossing are related but it is true. However, flossing can greatly affect diabetes in both kids and adults. When you do not floss, it leads to a fast buildup of bacteria in the mouth.

These bacteria can have a major impact on glucose levels in the blood, which is a huge problem when you have diabetes. To stabilize blood glucose levels, ensure that you floss daily to remove as much of these bacteria as you can.

  • It reduces bad breath

If your breath stinks, you might have already tried various options to reduce the stench. When you brush teeth two or three times daily with mouthwash, it could help. However, tartar build up is what causes the worst smell. Brushing can get rid of tartar but flossing will get rid of it between the teeth and on the gums. Those who have bad breath and floss often will see improvements in breath in just a week.

  • It reduces the risk of respiratory illness

Your mouth is a channel to the organs in your body. While this helps to get food to the digestive system, it can cause a problem when bacteria travel to the respiratory system. Flossing will eliminate some of the bacteria that can cause pneumonia or bronchitis.

  • It can prevent heart disease

If you do not floss often, your gums might start bleeding. This is a clear sign of gum disease. When this happens, bacteria could enter the bloodstream and start attacking organs. In some cases, it can cause blood clots and heart disease. To reduce this risk, especially in men, flossing often is an effective solution.

Various Types of Dental Floss

Most of the floss types today are made of nylon. Tiny strands of nylon are woven together to create a single strong strand. Here are the various options from which you can choose.

  • Waxed

This is amongst the most popular floss types. It has a slippery coating, which makes it easy to get between the teeth. It is especially useful if you have tight spaces between teeth or you have overlapping teeth. Most of this wax floss is flavored with mint or cinnamon. The only downside is that it frays quite fast.

  • Unwaxed

This type of floss can be used by almost anyone. In fact, some people prefer its absorbent nature, which helps debris between teeth to adhere to the floss. If you have any worries about removing as much plaque as you can, unwaxed floss is a great option.

  • Teflon floss

This is a fairly new type of floss; it is designed with people who do not like to floss in mind. The floss is coated with a non-stick Teflon coat that is similar to that used on pans and pots. Teflon glides easily between teeth and is not likely to catch on any sharp edges. 

  • Dental Tape

This is a type of floss called dental tape because it is flat and wide. If you have any bridges or large spaces between teeth, this dental tape is an awesome choice. It cleans just as great as floss. However, it is not as likely to cut gums or be caught in bridges. Besides that, it is less prone to fraying and is quite easy to grip and guide between teeth.

All floss is bought is small dispensers that feed out the desired length from a bobbin. If you are having a hard time gripping floss, look for dental picks. They securely hold a length of floss between two ends for easy flossing without the need for winding.

Why Vita Dental Spring is the best

While flossing is great, you still need to go for regular dental checkups and cleanings. This will help to ensure bacteria levels are as low as possible. We at Vita Dental Spring do checkups and dental cleanings quite well. Visit us today so that our experts can look at your mouth to determine if you have any issues that need fixing.