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When to Visit an Emergency Dentist

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When to Visit an Emergency Dentist

At Vita Dental, we understand that it is almost impossible to plan for dental emergencies. This is why our dentists leave room in their busy schedule to help patients that visit or call us because they have dental emergencies. We understand how important it is for the patients that we are available for such cases.

Often what we refer to as dental emergencies are injuries that occur without notice. Such injuries if left until the next dental appointment can get worse or will require intensive treatment. Below are some dental injuries and problems that should prompt you to visit an emergency dentist near you.

Knocked Out Teeth

A knocked out tooth or teeth can occur due to sport-related injury, due to a fall or a blow to the face. If part of your tooth is knocked out or the tooth is completely knocked out, you need to visit an emergency dentist.

On your way to the dentist, try to handle the tooth as little as you can and never put a knocked out tooth in water. Try to put the tooth back in the socket and be sure not to swallow it. If it is impossible to keep it in the socket, put is in a container that has saliva or milk until you get to the dentist office.

Damage To Your Tooth Restoration

In case your dental implant, crown, or filling comes loose or breaks, you need to visit an emergency dentist. Such restorations protect your teeth. If they are missing or broken, your teeth are at risk and you might even get an infection. The emergency dentist will give you the best care to ensure your teeth are protected.

Broken Or Chipped Tooth

Depending on the location of the tooth, it is possible that a minor chip on a tooth can wait for normal business hours to visit the dentist. However, a crack that is severe or instances where a large part of your tooth is broken warrants a trip to the emergency dentist. Try to keep the chipped part of the tooth in a moist cloth. The emergency dentist treatment will depend on how bad your tooth is chipped or broken.

Deep Cuts In Your Mouth

Cuts can occur on your cheeks, tongue, or gum due to trauma on the mouth area, a fall, or a bite in your tongue or cheek. This requires you to visit an ER or emergency dentist. To control the bleeding, you can apply direct pressure on the cut. Your dentist might recommend stitching or he or she might prescribe some antibiotics to help with the healing process.

Tooth Pain

Severe tooth pain might indicate the presence of cavities or a dental abscess. Pain might be accompanied by fever, swelling around the gums, pus around the painful tooth, or redness on your cheek, gum, or face. An emergency dentist will evaluate the tooth and give you a diagnosis and the right treatment to give you.

Swelling On The Face

Swelling on the face can be caused by trauma, a tooth infection or may be an indication of an abscess. Facial swelling might be accompanied by oral pain. In some cases, the swelling might be due to wisdom tooth growth, gum disease, or vitamin C deficiency. Whatever the cause do not ignore it. Visit an emergency dentist for an evaluation and treatment.

What To Do During A Dental Emergency

In case the emergency occurs during normal business hours, you should contact your dentist immediately. He might give you instructions to follow before you get to the dental facility. In case the emergency occurs during off-hours call your dentist even if you are sure the facility is closed. Most dentists will have an emergency number you can call on the answering machine where you can get help.

Do not be in a hurry to visit the emergency room, as this might not do you a lot of good. The care provided by the ER is excellent but it is mostly meant for the body. Further, ER facilities often have very long queues and it might take you forever to see a specialist only to be told that you need to see an emergency dentist for your problem. However, if you have no other option you can head to the nearest ER. After the ER specialist evaluation, he will give you pain medication and give you first aid as they look for a dentist or refer you to one.

You will save a lot of time and effort if you visit an emergency dentist in the first place. This will mean being treated quickly and starting the recovery process sooner. At Vita Dental, we are always available for patients who have emergency dental issues. Our board-certified dentists are experienced and qualified to handle an array of dental emergencies. If you live in Spring Texas and you or a loved one has a dental emergency, do not hesitate to call us or visit our dental facility. We will provide you with the urgent care you need in a friendly and urgent manner.