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When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth?

When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth? 150 150 Tony

When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth?

The baby teeth of your child will begin to fall out to make room for permanent teeth at around six years. However, this can delay by as much as a year in some kids. The first baby teeth that fall out are the two bottom teeth and the two front teeth. The other others follow in quick succession.

What to Know About Baby Teeth

The baby teeth usually remain in place until the permanent teeth push them out. If a child loses the baby teeth early because of an accident or tooth decay, a permanent tooth might drift into that space. It could cause the permanent teeth to crowd and become crooked.

It is thus essential to take care of the baby teeth. These teeth play a crucial role in helping you to chew and bit. Besides that, they help your child to develop proper speech. Before the child gets any teeth, we at Vita Dental Spring recommend that you wipe the gums using an infant gum massager, washcloth, or clean damp gauze. Once the teeth come in, brush them twice a day with a tiny soft bristle brush and water.

Underneath the baby teeth, the roots and position of adult teeth are growing into place. If you live in the Spring, TX area, we recommend that you bring your child to Vita Dental Spring for checkups to make sure they do not have any cavities. Once the permanent teeth start to come in, you need to make dental hygiene a priority. These teeth will last a lifetime if you take good care of them.

If a child shows a high risk of decay, it is time to cut back on sugary snacks, crackers, chips, and sugary beverages. Besides that, ensure that your child does not fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth. Sleeping with a feeding bottle will encourage bacteria to grow, which will damage their teeth. Most of the options used to evaluate oral health in adults are also applicable in kids. They include sealants, x-rays, and orthodontic treatment.

When They Start To Lose Teeth

If teeth fall out before six years, the most likely cause is trauma. Ensure that you get the child to examine for any other damage they might have suffered. However, some kids with special needs might take longer to lose teeth. For instance, those with Down syndrome will usually lose teeth later. Besides that, girls sprout and lose their teeth earlier than boys lose.

What to Expect

The front teeth will have fallen off by the age of eight years. However, the primary molars could fall out when the child is as old as 12 years. Factors that might influence loss of teeth include the genes. If a parent lost their teeth early, their children would also lose them soon.

If the child has not lost any tooth or none of them has fallen off by seven years, it might be time to get some x-rays at Vita Dental Spring. We can help to determine why it is taking too long. Extra teeth could be preventing the permanent teeth from pushing out baby teeth.

How to Get Them Out

We at Vita Dental Spring would not recommend yanking them out. Let nature do its job. It should not take much effort, and the bleeding will be minimal. Ensure that the child is brushing their teeth and the tooth will come out during brushing.

You can also have the child wiggle the teeth with the tongue or fingers. Eventually, they will fall off on their own; it could even fall off as he or she eats their food. Losing teeth is always a big deal for a child. However, ensure that you educate them on the dangers of having infected gums as well.


At around for or five years, your child’s facial bones will start to grow, which could lead to spaces between the primary teeth. As a parent, this is not something that should worry you. It is the face expanding so that it can accommodate the permanent teeth.

It is thus vital that your child eats right. If there is not enough space for the permanent teeth, it could lead to crowding. Ensure that your kid is eating enough food and the right food. If they snack too much, it could increase the chances of tooth decay.

Cavities will develop when sugary foods are stuck in the oral cavity. Bacteria will feast on them and release toxins that destroy the teeth. If your kid is always snacking, it could be leaving little time for the sugars to wash away. Besides that, it will mean they have less of an appetite for healthier foods.

Early Orthodontics

If you have a child in the Spring, TX area, consider bringing them to Vita Dental Spring. At the time when the permanent teeth start to pop in, orthodontic problems will also begin to show. We can correct any issues early before they get out of hand.