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What You Should Know About the Different Types of Teeth Whitening

What You Should Know About the Different Types of Teeth Whitening 150 150 Tony

What You Should Know About the Different Types of Teeth Whitening

Have you looked into the mirror lately wishing that your teeth could appear a little whiter? Not to worry, a majority of Americans have already considered teeth whitening options and go through some treatments. It could be professional teeth whitening or use of over the counter whitening products but all aim to achieve the same goal; to whiten teeth. Teeth whitening procedures are mainly non-invasive which categorizes the treatment under cosmetic dentistry. Having many teeth whitening treatments in today’s market might put you in a dilemma. Let us look at the various types of teeth whitening options that may help you arrive at a decision best suited for your teeth.

Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening procedures are wholly handled by a professional dentist. It has been categorized as the best since it achieves results rapidly. The dentist will place a protective coat on the lips and gums. A whitening gel with a much stronger concentration of peroxide compared to the regular whiteners is then applied to the teeth enamel. A laser is then passed above the gel on the teeth to activate the bleaching ingredients that break apart the bonds holding the stained molecules together. The practice achieves dramatic results in an hour or less but may require additional take-away methods in exceptional cases where the teeth may be badly stained. Visit Vita Dental Spring clinic to book an appointment for a quality teeth whitening session. 

Tray-Based Teeth Whiteners

This is a take-home treatment prescribed by the dentist. The product comes in a mouth guard like tray that has some gel whitening solution enhanced with peroxide bleaching agents. Usually, once you choose to go along with the tray based teeth whiteners, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth, and then a tray is customized to fit your teeth and mouth. The dentist will then take you through the procedures required to achieve the desired results using the tray based teeth whiteners. The option may take one up to two weeks to arrive at whiter teeth since the trays have a lower concentration of peroxide compared to the in-office treatment. You may use the trays once or twice a day with sessions lasting 30-60 minutes for best results depending on your dentist’s instructions. Looking for a dental clinic to help you through the journey to whiter teeth? Check in at The Vita Dental Spring Clinic to have your needs quenched.

Over The Counter Methods

Over the counter, methods are the most accessible products to get your hands on and come in relatively cheaper options compared to the professional types. They are;

Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is used similarly to the ordinary fluoride toothpaste. You can purchase them at your local pharmacy.

It should be noted that these products only whiten teeth a shade lighter but do not bleach the teeth. For that reason, the results may be visible but not long lasting. Some may have an abrasive effect on your gums, which may want you to avoid them.

Whitening Strips

These are small plastic strips coated with peroxide gel that is applied on the outer surface of the teeth. The peroxide gel enhances the whitening effects depending on the duration of use. Normally, one will follow the manufacturer’s manual on the frequency of use. Mostly, one is required to use the strips at least 30 minutes a day for quick and desirable results.

Pre-Made Whitening Trays

Unlike the customized professional trays, pre-made trays may not comfortably fit into your mouth since you only fit an estimate. If the tray does not sit properly on your teeth, the gel may ooze out irritating your gums. Dentists recommend the professional dental trays even if they come at a higher cost.

Chewing Gum

There are chewing gums that are recommended for daily use especially after meals. Mostly the chewing gum helps in removing food remains in between teeth eventually preventing dental decay. None the less, if you want to whiten your teeth, pick the whitening sugarless chewing gum. It coats the teeth to prevent staining.

Mouth Rinses

Mouth rinses are used similarly to the mouthwash only that it contains small amounts of peroxide. Many dentists believe that the whitening mouth rinse may not be as effective as other methods since the peroxide isn’t given enough time to act on the teeth. A maximum of 60 seconds cannot achieve maximum results.

Parting Shot

With the increasing popularity of teeth whitening, many manufacturers are releasing various whitening products on the market. The little-informed public falls for some “not up to standard” products that end up causing more harm than good. It is, therefore, advisable for one to seek a dentist’s help before settling on a product or method. At Vita Dental Spring Clinic, the patient’s health is their priority. Book a consultation session to talk to a professional and highly qualified dentist about your worries.