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What You Should Know about Clear Braces?

What You Should Know about Clear Braces? 150 150 Tony

What You Should Know about Clear Braces?

Clear braces are a great cosmetic alternative to metal braces. They blend in better with teeth, which make them less noticeable. These are a great option for adults that need braces but do not want them to show. Besides that, those that want discrete braces but do not qualify for Invisalign should use these braces. We at Vita Dental Spring offer these braces to happy patients all the time.

Not all clear braces are equal. The clear braces are made from various materials, which usually depend on the manufacturer. We at Vita Dental Spring ensure we use only the best. Some clear braces are made of porcelain or ceramic. The material used is often similar to that used in the crown of a tooth. Others are made of a material that is quite similar to plastic.

These materials all have their upsides and downsides. It is essential for you to find an orthodontist that uses high-quality clear braces such as those at Vita Dental Spring. They should use material that is resistant to staining and breakage. We use such high-end materials at our dental office; the braces we use at Vita Dental Spring are made in the US, where the highest quality standards are maintained.

Are Clear Braces Placed On Top Or Bottom Teeth?

The teeth where the clear braces are placed on will depend on each individual case. Most offices place clear braces on the top teeth. The main reason for this is the overbite. If the top teeth bite into abrasive ceramic braces on the bottom teeth, it can cause them to wear down. The more the overbite you have, the greater the risk of wear. The orthodontists at Vita Dental Spring will help determine your unique case after a careful assessment.

Do Clear Braces Stain?

The type of material used in the manufacturing of braces will determine whether the clear braces will stain or not .We at Vita Dental Spring ensure we use high-end materials that do not stain. However, the clear elastic ties we use to hold the wires could stain over time. This is regardless of the type of bracket we use.

Luckily, the elastic ties can be removed with ease. If we notice that they have become stained, we will get rid of them for you at the next appointment. Besides that, it is worth noting that some type of foods and substances can make the ties stain faster. For instance, if you often use curry and smoke a lot of tobacco, there is a good chance the braces will stain.

However, we do have a workaround to this issue. We use braces, which are known as self-ligating braces. These braces do not require elastic ties. Thus, there is no fear of staining at all. Instead, they utilize a metal door, which holds the wire in place. At our dental office, we have these braces if you have a huge concern about the staining.

Is The Wire On Clear Braces Clear?

The wire connects the braces together and aligns the teeth over time. This wire is usually silver-colored in normal braces. However, this would not work with clear braces. The clear braces use a white-colored wire. These wires chip over time to expose the silver wire below. There are other alternatives, which are clear and are often used to hide the braces.

Clear Braces Boost Your Confidence

Having crooked teeth can really mess up your self-confidence. However, most adults would prefer not to wear braces. The clear braces can help you straighten teeth and boost your self-confidence. This way, you can still attend social events and talk to others without fear that everyone is staring at your braces.

Whether you are meeting someone new or greeting a coworker, clear braces are always inconspicuous. In fact, nobody would notice unless one looks closely at you. You can carry on conversations without it forming the main topic of discussion.

How Many Are The Dental Visits?

The schedule for your dental visits will often depend on the specific orthodontist handling your case. In addition, it might depend on how extensively your teeth are crooked. If it is just minor, you might need to visit the dentist every four months. However, it could be as short as once every two months. Only your dentist can determine that for sure.

Are They Expensive?

Clear braces cost more and are less common than metal braces. Thus, the materials that are used to make them are a bit more expensive than those of metal braces. Nevertheless, the cost depends on various factors. For instance, it will depend whether the insurer accepts to cover part of the cost. Besides that, it might depend on the payment plan of your dentist. Other factors that might affect cost are the location and the specific dental clinic you pick. Always check out various options to get the best deal for your clear braces treatment.