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Braces for Adults: What you Need to Know

Braces for Adults: What you Need to Know 150 150 admin

A good smile is invaluable; no amount of appraising can come up with the absolute value of a charming smile. It is infectious, it can brighten a dull face, but above all, it is the main way in which we express joy and happiness. It is for this reason that braces are so important, they are useful in correcting teeth alignment, and they have the ability to boost the quality of any smile. If you are not comfortable with how your teeth are aligned, braces might be the perfect solution. Below is all you need to know about them to acquire dental braces that will be a perfect match for you.

Types of braces

  1. Metal braces- The image that automatically comes to mind when you think of braces most likely involves metal braces. They are made of stainless steel with brackets that attach to each tooth using a special type of dental cement. The arching wires are connected to the attached brackets with an elastic material, and they slowly apply pressure to the teeth to improve alignment. Conventional metal braces need frequent readjustment by the orthodontist, but self-ligating braces adjust automatically.
  2. Lingual braces- Lingual braces are identical to metal braces with one fundamental difference: they are installed on the inner side of the teeth. They are made of high-quality stainless steel, and their main appeal lies in their invisibility when smiling or laughing. They are a little challenging in that they take some time to get used to. Moreover, they require constant readjustment,besides being harder to clean compared to other braces.
  3. Ceramic bracesThey are similar to metal braces only that they are made of a durable, transparent ceramic material. Though more expensive compared to metal braces, they are more effective. They are also not easily visible which adds to their appeal. Some patients using them have reported that they do stain at times which can by extension result in staining of the teeth. Utmost care when using these braces is, therefore, advised.
  4. Clear aligners- Commonly known as Invisalign, they resemble mouth guards.They are custom-made to fit and easily removable. They camouflage excellently with the teeth making them hard to notice. Invisalign braces, though more comfortable, are slightly expensive. Furthermore, you have to change them once every two weeks to maintain results. The best thing about them is that they do not restrict the diet in anyway. Therefore, you can eat whatever you want.

Factors to consider when choosing braces

Your occupation: You should select braces with respect to your profession. If you work in a dangerous environment, you should go for reliable braces which will not break easily in case of any accident. If your job requires lots of talking, you may have to skip lingual braces since they interfere with speech.

The level of visibility you are comfortable with: If you do not mind brace visibility, you can go for any brace. However, if you are shy and conscious, you should avoid going for metal braces which are visually loudest of them all.

Your involvement in sports: Some sports are physically demanding and expose you to all manner of injuries. If you are heavily involved in sports, you will have to go for sturdy braces. You should talk with your Professional dentist care to know which braces are preferable depending on the sporting activities you undertake.

The foods you love: If you have a sweet tooth, braces may come between you and your favorite treats. Sticky gum, hard nuts, and hard candy are some of the foods you will have to forego to safeguard your braces. In such a case, going for Invisalign braces is preferable since they allow you to eat normally.

What you should expect

  • Discomfort- If you have never worn braces before, they will feel a little It takes some time to get used to them depending on the individual
  • Soreness- Soreness in inevitable in most cases but if it graduates into a wound, you should consult your orthodontist. You can also apply dental wax on most affected areas to reduce friction. With time,the soreness abates and stops completely.
  • Frequent checkups- Regardless of which type of braces you go for, routine checkups are necessary to facilitate monitoring and readjustment of the braces.
  • Forbidden foods- Depending on the braces you go for, you might have to abstain from certain foods to increase the lifespan and efficacy of the braces.

If you are involved in dangerous activities, you should make a point of always wearing mouth guards. It is also advisable to brush your braces whenever you brush your teeth, as well as floss them occasionally. If you happen to break them in any way, do not play handyman as you might spoil the braces more and end up hurting yourself, instead,  get into contact immediately with your family dentist care .