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What To Expect From A Dental Cleaning And Examination

What To Expect From A Dental Cleaning And Examination 150 150 Tony

However fastidious your brushing and flossing routine might be, you will never quite get rid of all the remnants of food from underneath your teeth. Flossing and brushing get rid of the majority of the food remains but don’t quite eliminate all the particles lodged between and under teeth.

This is where professional dental cleaning comes into play. Dental cleaning makes use of special medical equipment to get rid of any tartar and plaque stuck between teeth to render your mouth clean and safe. It is advisable that adults get their teeth cleaned at least twice in a year to reduce the chances of suffering from diseases such as cavities and dental caries.

What does professional dental cleaning and examination entail? What should you expect from a dental cleaning and examination from your dentist? To help you understand what the examination and cleaning process entails, we have put together this guide on the dental examination and cleaning process as we do it here at Vita Dental Spring;

What to Expect from a Dental Cleaning and Examination

Dental Examination

Here at Vita Dental, we conduct a dental examination to ascertain the state of a patient’s oral health and diagnose for any oral complications. If you ever come to Vita Dental Spring for a dental examination, then these are some of the things to expect;

Evaluation of your overall health and oral hygiene

We will, first of all, take a look at the state of your overall health before narrowing down on your oral health. The examination involves both oral questioning and physical examination of various parts of the body.

The focus will be on oral health where the dentist will examine your mouth and evaluate your risk of decay, gum diseases, and other bone complications. This is achieved through a combination of checks using naked eyes and special equipment.

Once the dentist has examined your teeth and evaluated your risk of the common dental diseases, he/she proceeds to check for any bite and jaw complications. This is also performed through a series of oral questions and physical examination of the jaws.

The other important part of the oral examination is the check for any signs of oral cancer. Your dentist will feel your mouth muscles in search of any precancerous or already malignant growths in the mouth and write a report about the same. If there is evidence of the presence of cancerous cells, then the dentist will refer you to the appropriate physician for immediate commencement of treatment.

Dental cleaning

After examination, the next step is to thoroughly clean your teeth using the following equipment;


X-rays are used to take images of their patient’s mouths to check for the presence of lodged food particles in the mouth and any cracks on the teeth. Whatever naked eyes miss, then x-rays will most certainly pick up.

Ultrasonic Scaler

An ultrasonic scaler uses vibrations to extricate huge pieces of calculus deposits/tartar. The vibration goes alongside with spraying a mist of water on the teeth. This is done to wash away the debris and avoid re-sticking it to the teeth. It also prevents the area from heating up and becoming uncomfortable.

Hand Tools

There are hand-held mouth mirrors which assist dentists to see tartar deposits or even some signs of decay. For small and soft tartar deposits, dentists use curettes which are also characterized by pointed tips, to scrape away tartar and plaque from the teeth surface. Just like scalers, curettes have rounded ends and they are used to clear tartar deposits underneath the gums.


After successful plaque removal and tartar lurking in a patient’s mouth, polishing of teeth takes place. This is done to make them look shiny and bright. Polishers can be slow-speed rotary tools which buff away the uneven areas on teeth. The rotary tools are usually drills which are replaced with a very soft rubber cup.

The rubber cup is filled with a special tooth polishing paste known as Prophylaxis paste. The paste tastes like mint flavored mud and also feels like gritty toothpaste. After filling the rubber cup, the dentist starts it up, and then selectively place the spinning rubber on your teeth surface to polish it. The aftermath is an even and smooth surface of teeth.

The entire cleaning process lasts anything from half an hour to an hour depending on how much tartar there is beneath your teeth. The examination and cleaning process is painless and will be over in no time and you have no reason to not book an appointment with Vita Dental Spring today.

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