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What May Cause Dental Implant Pain After Time?

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What May Cause Dental Implant Pain after Time?

It is important to take care of and protect your teeth as well as you can to ensure that you keep your permanent teeth for as long as possible, and even for a lifetime, which is how it is intended to be. This means that you need to ensure that you regularly brush and floss your teeth as well as visiting your dentist for routine exams and professional cleanings. If you participate in certain physical activities such as playing of contact sports like football, then you should also protect your teeth from trauma and injury by wearing custom-made mouthguards.

Dentistry is primarily aimed at saving your natural teeth for as long as possible and dentists, including the highly-rated ones over at dentist near me at vita dental spring, will always go out of their way to ensure you keep your teeth for as long as possible. However, if you lose a tooth or teeth, you shouldn’t worry as you can have missing teeth replaced in a number of ways. One of the ways you can have missing teeth replaced is through the use of dental implants. Given that the procedure to get a dental implant is a surgical one involving the placing of a titanium rod into the jawbone, most people think it is painful. However, the procedure itself is relatively pain-free and any discomfort you may feel after the implant surgery will most likely be mild and will go away after about 7-10 days.

However, there are times when you may experience dental implant pain long after the aforementioned 7-10 days. In such an instance, what could be the cause of the pain? Well, this article will look to highlight some of the common causes of dental implant pain.

One of the most common causes of dental implant pain is due to infection. Since the procedure of placing an implant into the jawbone is a surgical one, your dentist or oral surgeon needs to be careful to avoid infection. In most cases, with modern technology and tools, cases of infection during implant surgery are extremely rare. In fact, as is discussed over at vita dental spring, dental implant procedures are tried and tested and have an extremely high success rate; over 95%.

Even if infection occurs for one reason or another, most of the time your dentist will catch it early enough during subsequent visits and have it dealt with. However, in the rare cases where infection goes unnoticed, then it may lead to dental implant pain down the line. Such pain may range from mild to severe depending on the degree of the infection. This is why it is important to visit your dentist regularly after the implant surgery for post-implant checkups so that if there are such issues, they are discovered and corrected early enough.

Other than infection, another thing that may cause dental implant pain after a while is putting excess stress and strain on the implant tooth. When placing the titanium rod, your dentist will take care to ensure that it is implanted at the right length and trajectory. This is done to be in line with your dental profile so that to ensure that when the implant tooth does come into contact with your other natural teeth, it fits correctly and as such experiences just the right amount of pressure as per the subject matter experts over at vita dental spring.

There are times when the bite pressure exerted on the implanted tooth may be excessive which may lead to issues such as implant fracture or even the loss of the bone surrounding the implant. In such a situation, periodontal gum pockets may form around the implanted tooth, in which bacteria will collect and grow, which will over time lead to dental implant pain. Another cause of dental implant pain after time is due to implant movement. Once the implant has been placed into the jawbone, it is left to heal and fuse with the bone.

If there is any movement during the early stages, that is the first 8 to 12 weeks, then the implant probably won’t fuse with the bone properly. This may lead to a loose implant which may lead to dental implant pain.

Another cause of dental implant pain after time is one that is easy to prevent, and that is a failure to follow your dentist’s after-treatment care instructions. Your dentist will give you detailed instructions after the implant surgery on how to proceed, including the food to eat and so forth. It is important that you follow these instructions to the letter, as explained by the gurus over at vita dental spring, as if you don’t, you may begin to experience dental implant pain after a while.

On a related tangent, another cause of dental implant pain may be as a result of not carrying out proper oral hygiene practices as instructed by your dentist. After getting your implant, you should still ensure that you brush and floss your teeth regularly to get rid of food particles, debris and plaque. Failure to do so will lead to inflammation and infection of your gums, causing gum disease, which may cause dental implant pain after time.

Make sure you brush and floss your teeth regularly while also visiting your dentist regularly after getting your implant to prevent dental implant pain.

Remember, if you are looking for the best services as far as dental implants are concerned, look no further than over at the highly-rated dentist in spring texas at Vita Dental Spring.