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What Kind Of Toothpaste And Mouthwash Should I Use?

What Kind Of Toothpaste And Mouthwash Should I Use? 150 150 Tony

What Kind Of Toothpaste And Mouthwash Should I Use?

If you go to the oral care section of any store, you will find six or seven brands of toothpaste and mouthwash. Most of these have different ingredients and at different concentrations. Each toothpaste brand has a unique purpose. Some are supposed to whiten, freshen, control tartar, and there are even some for tooth sensitivity.

What Toothpaste Should You Pick?

You might wonder what kind of toothpaste is best for you. We at Vita Dental Spring recommend that you brush twice or thrice daily and floss after meals. Food tends to get stuck between the teeth, which can cause decay. If you are prone to tooth decay, ensure that you brush after each meal.

Ensure You Use Fluoride Products

Each toothpaste brand you use needs to have fluoride in it. The fluoride will make the enamel strong, which reduces the risk of tooth decay. It does this by reducing the chances of acid erosion from the acid that is found in certain foods and is secreted by some bacteria in your mouth. Even if you have fluoride water in your area, you need to use fluoride toothpaste thrice a day. It is this practice, not the fluoride water, which strengthens the enamel

Look For Tartar Control

The toothpaste you use needs to be one that offers tartar control. Tartar is a hard layer that forms when plaque builds up. Tartar can cause tooth decay and periodontal disease. Toothpaste will help to brush away plaque and prevent more tartar from forming. It is especially important for teens and adults that have braces.

Avoid Whitening Toothpaste

Numerous toothpaste brands are used to whiten teeth. If you wear braces, you should avoid any whitening toothpaste. If you try to use whitening products, the areas covered by braces will not whiten. It will end up leaving you with unevenly bleached teeth. Once the braces come off, you will have multi-colored teeth, which might require extra work to correct. However, you should visit a dentist once a year, even with braces, to get dental cleaning done. If you live in Spring, TX, you can visit Vita Dental Spring.

Choosing the Mouthwash

While municipal water and toothpaste contain fluoride, the amount of fluoride in mouthwash is minimal. It will not significantly affect your fluoride levels. Mouthwash has numerous benefits when used in the right way. However, picking the right one can be a challenge at times. That is why we at Vita Dental Spring would like to give you some useful tips on how to pick your mouthwash.

If you are only trying to have fresh breath, you should use an everyday mouthwash that has low alcohol content. The main ingredients in such a product will be zinc and chlorine. These are useful for fighting bad breath and the bacteria that causes it.

If you want a more powerful solution to help you protect you from plaque buildup and gum disease, you should use an antibacterial mouthwash. We at Vita Dental Spring will recommend that you pick one with high alcohol content. Besides that, they will have ingredients such as menthol and eucalyptol.

If you live in an area where the water is not fluorinated, we at Vita Dental Spring recommend you use mouthwash with fluoride content. The fluoride will coat the teeth thereby strengthening them.

If you have gingivitis, the dentist could prescribe a special mouthwash that contains Chlorhexidine. It is the most active ingredient known to science used to fight bacteria that cause gingivitis. The mouthrinse is only prescribed at a dental office and not over the counter.

You can even make mouthwash at home that contains natural ingredients, and they are alcohol-free. The rinses have essential oils such as peppermint oil, astringents like baking soda, and aloe vera. The effectiveness of these products to fight cavities is not proven. However, they are a great alternative to using rinses.

Kids and Mouthwash

If you have kids below six years, the ADA does not recommend that they use mouthwash, because most of them contain alcoholic. If a child were to swallow the mouthwash, it could lead to alcohol poisoning and its associated problems. Children are more likely to gulp something in their mouth rather than spit it out.

Besides that, the mouthwash might stunt the ability of saliva to fight bacteria. Since the alcohol is a drying agent, using an alcoholic mouthwash will dry their mouths. Having a dry mouth can keep their mouths from producing any saliva. The result is that you will no longer be able to fight bacteria naturally.


If there is a family history of gingivitis, there is a high risk of you contracting gum disease. The experts estimate that about 30 percent of people in the US have a genetic predisposition to gum disease. Even if there are no signs of gingivitis, you need to care for your teeth. Mouth care will entail following the tips above to find the right mouthwash or toothpaste.