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What is the Right Age for Dental Implants?

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What is the Right Age for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are one of the tooth replacement options that we offer at Vita Dental Spring. This is one of the best options since the implant looks and feels like the real tooth. However, one of the concerns that some of our patients have is whether their age can be an impediment.

During the dental implant surgery, the oral surgeon at Vita Dental Spring will place a titanium post in the jawbone where the tooth is missing. The bone will then fuse to the implant and a crown placed on top. Dental implants have an infinite lifespan with minimum upkeep.

The dental implants will look and feel like a real tooth. Besides that, it will ensure that natural bone is preserved by encouraging bone growth. The dental implant surgery is carried out in two phases. In the first surgery, an implant is placed in the jawbone. In the second surgery, a small post is attached, where the crown will be attached later.

Is Age An Issue?

One fear people have is that they are too old to get an implant. However, we at Vita Dental Spring can give you dental implants no matter your age. There is no upper limit for getting a dental implant. In adults, the most important factor we consider is not the age. What matters most to us is the bone quality.

As you age, the bone will weaken. However, even that cannot stop us at Vita Dental Spring. A bone graft is often conducted to help restore the strength of the jawbone. The small procedure involves shaving bone from one part of the body and placing it in the jawbone. Once it heals, the dental implant can be placed in the jaw.

The American Dental Association has data that shows half of the people over 65 have at least a missing tooth. This makes them good candidates for dental implants. Even people in their 80s and 90s can still use dental implants.

However, we will first conduct an overall health assessment at Vita Dental Spring before offering dental implants. However, simply being aged will not exclude you from getting implants. In fact, many seniors who have had dentures are now switching to permanent implants to hold their dentures. This eliminates the risk of slippage when speaking or talking.

Dental Implants for Children

Children are not great candidates for dental implants. For you to get a dental implant, the jaw needs to have fully developed. However, the jaws of children are still growing. Even teens are not good candidates. Since their jaw is still growing, there is no risk of bone loss. It is best to wait until one is about 18 years old. Even then, the dentist needs to be sure that there is no chance for further growth.

To determine if a teen should get dental implants, our team at Vita Dental Spring will conduct an X-ray of the bones. This will help to show if they have developed enough to conduct the surgery. Before the implants are placed in the jaw, the dentist must get informed for teens that are below 18 years. If placed too early, the implant may shift as the jaw grows. This could affect the proper development of the jaw and even distort the face.

How to Tell If the Bones Can Handle Implants

During the first consultation at Vita Dental Spring, the dentist will check your jawbone and your overall health to determine if you should get implants.

Good oral health is also necessary before you can get the surgery performed. If we find any signs of infection, we will treat that first. This way, there is no risk of the wound created during surgery, failing to heal and even infecting the jawbone.

Differences between the Young and Old

The main difference between the young and old is how they lost their teeth. In most young people, the teeth are lost in accidents while older people lose them to decay and disease. However, no matter how you lost your teeth, we at Vita Dental Spring can replace them.

Schedule an Appointment with Us

The only way you can tell that you qualify for dental implants is by scheduling an appointment with us. Our dental experts will carefully examine the chances that you deserve to get implants. Even if you do not qualify, we have many other great options to offer you. However, do not let your age make you conclude that you cannot get implants.

If you live in the Spring, TX area, we would like you to call us. We will schedule a consultation at the most appropriate time for you. Our main goal is to restore your beautiful smile to its proper glory. Before you try any other restorative procedure, we highly recommend that you check out dental implants. Not only do they look natural, but they also require little to no maintenance.