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What is the Reason behind Bad Breath? Dentist in Spring Texas

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What is the Reason behind Bad Breath? Dentist in Spring Texas

Bad breathe can be embarrassing especially because of the discomfort caused to both the affected and the surrounding people. One may decide to live on gums, mouthwashes, and mint to fight the bad breathe, but turns out to be hectic and tiring. What causes bad breath? In a bid to understand how you can solve the bad breath menace you may need to dig deep into what causes it.

How Do You Know That You Have Bad Breath?

Depending on the cause of bad breath, the intensity of bad breath varies. Some people tend to worry about bad breath that doesn’t exist or little bad odor can easily be handled. Others have bad breath but are not aware of the condition may be because it is hard to analyze how one’s own breath smells like. One may need an honest answer from a close relative or friend in order to affirm the fear of bad breath.

Underlying Causes of Bad Breath

Poor Dental Hygiene

Poor dental hygiene entails on failing to brush and floss teeth regularly which leaves behind food particles in the mouth and in between your teeth. This creates a breeding ground for the plaque which is a colorless, sticky film of bacteria in saliva form. If not eradicated immediately, the plaque attracts gum diseases that affect the gums and teeth. The tongue also if not brushed, traps bacteria and the food particles that start to rot. We all know how the garbage trash stinks like. Poor dental hygiene basically turns one’s mouth into a garbage bin which contributes to the bad breath.

Food and Beverages

Eating too much of some strongly flavored foods such as onions, garlic especially raw is likely to cause bad breath. Drinks that have a strong smell like whiskey or coffee can also cause bad breath if taken too much. Although breath caused by food and drinks may be temporary, it can save you the embarrassment by limiting the intake. Brushing teeth after taking these foods will help keep the bad breath away.


Apart from contributing to bad breath, smoking stains the teeth decreases the sense of taste and may leave your gums irritated. Smoking attracts the development of gum diseases which then paves way for more bad breath.

Dry Mouth

A dry mouth means that there is insufficient saliva in one’s mouth. Lack of saliva can cause bacteria to build up at a higher quantity than normal occasions. An excess buildup of bacteria eventually leads to bad breath. A dry mouth is either caused by a malfunctioning salivary gland or when regularly breathing via the mouth instead of the nose.

Crash Diets

Low carbohydrate diets, crash diets, and fasting can cause bad breath. These diets make the digestive system to break down fat in the diets that produce chemicals known as ketones. Ketones can be smelled on your breath and are not as pleasant to stand.

Sinuses, Tonsil, and Mouth Conditions

If you have a sinus infection, an infection in your upper respiratory system, or chronic bronchitis, bad breath may surface. Tonsil stones are also a source of bad breath similar to how the plaque forms on the teeth. Tonsil stones are hardened food particles and saliva stuck in the crevices of the tonsils, if not cleaned, the tonsil stones form and produce an awful odor.


Diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, the gastro-esophageal reflux disorder may contribute to the release of an unusual breathe. Breath tends to smell fishy or at times fruity depending on how the body is operating with the disease.


Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is perhaps the most important habit and remedy in containing bad breath. Bad breath comes up even after just one day of not brushing and cleaning one’s teeth. During brushing, do not forget to clean the tongue as it also creates a breeding ground for bacteria that cause bad breath.

Quit smoking

Giving up on smoking, not only helps you get rid of the bad breath but also helps keep your body healthy away from diseases such as lung and oral cancer. You are prone to have a better quality of life while not smoking.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

If you have improved your eating habits, oral hygiene, and quit smoking habits, yet the bad breath menace won’t stop, it’s time to see your dentist. Your dentist will examine the underlying problem to the condition and suggest a treatment plan before the condition gets worse. Need a dentist? At Vita Dental Spring, you are guaranteed quality expertise on all your dental needs from consultation to treatment and even check-ups. 

Keep the Saliva Flowing

Eating healthy foods such as apples will help your salivary gland produce more saliva as it requires a lot of chewing. If the salivary gland is having trouble producing the much-needed saliva, your dentist may recommend artificial saliva.