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What is the Best Age for Braces?

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What is the Best Age for Braces?

Getting braces is one of the ways to fix teeth that are not well aligned. It is usually a choice for patients who want to improve their orofacial appearance by getting their crowded teeth, crooked teeth, underbites, overbites and incorrect jaw positioning another jaw disorders fixed.

The purpose of getting braces is known to many. What many people don’t know is what age is the best for them or their children to get the braces. Vita Dental Spring dives into this topic to provide more insight.

There is no textbook answer to this question. Anyone can get braces at any time of their lives as long as they have a mature dental system. However, given that braces have been around for many years, there are some factors that one can consider to help them figure out the best time for them to get themselves or their kid’s braces.

Early Intervention

A good dental practice that Vita Dental Spring recommends is to have kids get evaluated and determined whether they need braces or not as early as when they are just seven years of age. While this doesn’t mean that they should get braces at this early age, the evaluation can help guide how the corrective treatment will look like in future.

The main reason for getting an evaluation done at this early age is for the dentist to get an early view of how the child’s teeth are aligned and possibly get the kid partial aligners or braces at that early age if it is really necessary. One of the reasons a child can get braces at such an early age is if they have a protruding tooth, if they have overcrowded teeth or if they have a crossbite. The earlier these conditions are corrected, the better.

Getting braces at this early age can be quite a challenge for a child who has little or no clue of what their purpose is. Parents should, therefore, endeavor to help their kids take care of the braces and maintain good dental hygiene.

Prime Years for Braces

The years of observation have led to the conclusion that the best years for one to get braces is when they are between the ages of 10 and 14. This is the time when the baby teeth are shedding off and their permanent teeth growing. Also, by this age, the jaws have matured and become stable enough to withstand orthodontic treatment.

Once they are put on, the braces are expected to stay on and correct the alignment of a child’s teeth for about two to three years. This period is usually characterized with regular dental visits to monitor the progress of the treatment and to realign and tighten the braces. Again, one needs to take good care of the teeth while at the same time manage the braces properly.

Once removed, the braces are often replaced by retainers to maintain the teeth alignment and to prevent the need for additional treatment in the later years.

Braces for Persons Older Than 14 Years

Contrary to what most people think, it is possible to get braces even when you are old. Age is not an issue since the teeth never stop growing. The only difference is that you will have to make more sacrifices like changing your diet and possibly your schedule. Also, the older you get, the longer it may take for the desired results to be achieved. However, the bottom line is that anyone can get braces even when they are past 14 years of age. The sacrifices to make like a change of diet and schedule cannot be compared to the ultimate results and benefits gained at the end of the treatment.

Cost of Getting Braces

Another concern people have is the cost of getting braces. People often want to know whether braces are more expensive for certain ages and cheaper for others. Well, the cost of getting braces is dependent on the degree of adjustment that needs to be done. The more the adjustments that need to be made, the more time it will take for the braces to change the alignment of the teeth and, ultimately, the more expensive it will be for you. Therefore, it is not a matter of age. It is a matter of the degree of correction that needs to be done.

Get Information As Early As Possible

One of the best approaches Vita Dental Spring suggests when it comes to braces is getting information as early as possible. This is one of the major benefits of scheduling regular dental check-ups for yourself and kids. Any misalignment of the teeth can be detected early and corrective measures taken at an early stage. If you have a child, get them to have an orthodontic evaluation as early as when they are seven years old. If they get braces early, then they will get to achieve a perfect smile within a very short time. The earlier a person begins the treatment, the better.