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What Is The Best Age For Braces – 10 Facts

What Is The Best Age For Braces – 10 Facts 150 150 Tony

What Is The Best Age For Braces – 10 Facts

If you think your growing child might need braces, you might wonder the best age to seek for the orthodontist treatment. While there is no right way to answer this question, it is always good to consult with your orthodontist at the earliest age. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children should be screened for orthodontic problems not later than 7 years of age. Even if it turns out that your child will need braces at this age, they might not be fixed immediately. Your orthodontist will recommend waiting until the child is around 10 to 14 years, which is when active treatment for braces starts.

In this article, we look at ten facts associated with fixing children braces

The child has to lose their milk teeth first

The best time for your child to have braces is after they have lost all their baby teeth. Most orthodontists will wait until your child loses their baby teeth naturally. However, in some cases, some children baby teeth do not come out until later. In such a case, the orthodontist will recommend that your child’s teeth be pulled to prepare for braces treatment, more so if the child age is between 10 to 14 years.

Early treatment is better

If your child gets their braces fixed by the age of ten, the better. Do not wait until she or he is 16 to start treatment. If the orthodontic treatment is started early, they will have their braces off in time for some of their most important events such as prom and dating.

Early treatment ensures you won’t need to worry about your child’s appearance in the future

It is good to get your child the orthodontic treatment that they need at an early age. This is because the chance of them getting the treatment in their young adult life is very low. Many young adults are concerned with their appearance and they will not want to have brackets or wires on their teeth. If you get your child the treatment he or she needs at an early age, they won’t have to seek it on their own later in life.

Your child might not be the right candidate for invisible brackets

Most patients want the invisible brackets for their children. However, only a small percentage of teeth are compatible with the plastic aligners or brackets. It is best to listen to your orthodontist and go with the treatment he recommends, as the result will be better.

Get a free consultation

Wearing braces is a long-term treatment option but the best thing is that consultation with an orthodontist for the first time is free. You can have as many consultations as you want when it comes to your child. This will also help you to choose a specialist that you are comfortable with and one who will give your child quality services.

An orthodontist is an expert in fitting braces

Your dentist might offer to fix the braces himself. While this is not bad, it is good to point out that orthodontists have special training in the function of the jawbone and dental movement. They are the most qualified to fix braces. Get your child’s braces fixed by an orthodontist to avoid wrong fitted braces.

Getting braces is a big responsibility for your child

One of the major reasons why the orthodontist will wait until the child is a bit older to fix the braces is because your child will need to be responsible and follow strict rules for the treatment to be effective.

Most children under 10 might not be able to brush and floss their teeth and they won’t avoid some foods that might be detrimental to their treatment.

Braces fix more than crooked teeth

The assumption by most parents is that braces are only used to give the child a perfectly straight smile. However, if your child has malocclusions, a misaligned jaw, overcrowding, or gaps between teeth, your orthodontist might suggest for him or her to get braces.

Retainers are the only way to keep your child’s straight smile after the braces

This is one of the least known facts about braces. In the first month and year after the removal of your child’s braces relapse is very high. It is important that your child wear a retainer for a few months or years after the orthodontic treatment.

Switching orthodontists can be costly

Sometimes patients will choose to switch orthodontists during treatment. If you can avoid doing this, the better as it can be costly to move to another orthodontic clinic during treatment. This is why we recommend that you choose your child orthodontist carefully before treatment commences.

If you believe that your child needs braces make an appointment with our orthodontist at Vita Dental in Spring Texas. The orthodontist will give you a free consultation and tell you if your child needs braces or not. At our facility, we have fitted numerous patients with braces. Our services are excellent and our staff are friendly. Our charges are also affordable. Why don’t you pay us a visit?