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What is the Best Age for Braces?

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What is the Best Age for Braces?

When we picture braces, what comes to our minds? Most of us imagine a teenager with a mouth full of brackets and wires mostly geek with spectacles. However, little known to most people, anyone can get braces nowadays which has raised concerns such as: when is the best time to get braces? Who is the best candidate for braces? Is there an age limit for brace fitting?

What Is The Ideal Age For Fitting Braces?

If you are looking into this topic, a huge probability is that your loved one mostly your child may need to fit braces in future. Probably, he or she has several misaligned teeth, an underbite or overbite. Children find themselves growing by the day and some go through the continual change of some body parts like the mouth. Jawbones are prone to lengthen as the tongue and mouth area expands. The milk teeth start to shed off as permanent ones start to come up. Depending on how teeth start to align themselves, there are no specific ages as to which a child should see an orthodontist. Some will feel the need or have the confidence to have the braces fitted at the age of 10 some 14 others 6, doesn’t really have a fixated date.

On the other hand, most orthodontists argue that the ideal time to visit an orthodontist for examinations is when a child starts to outgrow the milk teeth, for most people this should lie at around the age of 7.

Is There An Age Limit?

Despite most candidates being children and teens, this does not disqualify adults from getting braces. Most adults will seek braces as treatment when they want to rectify crooked or missing teeth that probably came as an effect from a tooth extraction that wasn’t replaced. Whether an adult, child or teen, everyone deserves to have their smile and perfect teeth alignment restored. In recent years, many adults have joined the bandwagon in the search for perfect teeth restoration via brace fitting.

Do These Braces Differ With Age?

The designs and fitting procedures are mostly the same no matter the patient’s age. Every set of braces is personalized and crafted to the patient’s mouth. Basically, all braces are customized depending on the size of the teeth, space between teeth, space in one’s mouth, general health of the teeth, and strength of the teeth.

Different people react differently to the idea of fitting braces. Kids are likely to get excited over the idea especially with the confirmation that they don’t have to fit braces during their teen ages. Teens will have a different reaction that comes with social pressure making them feel anxious about their looks after the procedure. The best thing you could do about kids and teens who are a bit reluctant is to discuss the results, explain why it is necessary and give them healthy expectations. Adults, on the other hand, have already gained self-identity and are normally okay with the braces. None the less, there is a clear option known as Invisalign that most adults and teens may prefer but the technique used is the same. It is advisable that you talk to your orthodontist and let him or her spread the options available for you and your age.     

Does The Cost Differ With Age?

The cost of braces mainly depends on how long the braces need to stay in place to achieve the desired results. Braces often take a bit too many appointments in which necessary adjustments are made. The cost of the braces will also be determined by how much adjustment is needed to arrive at the perfect alignment. In most cases, adults require more adjustment for braces to work as kids have less hardly teeth that move and reposition easily. Therefore, you are likely to spend less on a kid’s brace treatment than on an adult. Also, some adults come in with other dental problems such as weakened roots, tooth abscess or even gum diseases that could make the whole treatment more expensive. However, this should not discourage you from getting the braces, consult with your orthodontist for a clear plan for your case.

Where to Start

The first step is to find an orthodontist whose expertise is clearly defined. The ultimate result always defines one’s expertise. The exam mainly entails on taking x-rays to determine the teeth structures and bite. This helps the orthodontist determine the route he or she will take to fit the braces. Once fitted you will be required to visit the orthodontist at least after every three weeks to have adjustments and follow-ups on how the progress is going.

Benefits of Braces

Braces help you restore your teeth and smile boosting your self-esteem and confidence while in public.  It also helps in making better first impressions that eventually boost the esteem. We all know how important a great smile is. Check in at our Vita Dental clinic, and let us restore that beautiful smile.