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What is the All on 4 Implant Treatment Concept?

What is the All on 4 Implant Treatment Concept? 150 150 Tony

What is the All on 4 Implant Treatment Concept?

Modern dental procedures can significantly reduce the number of dental implants patients will need. It will also reduce the number of surgical interventions required thus making the treatment less invasive. With the all on four medical treatment, there is no need to carry out augmentative surgery.

What are the Basic Requirement for All on 4

To qualify a patient for all on four treatment, the doctor will examine the anatomical aspect of both the hard and soft tissues. Besides that, high primary stability and adequate implant design and surface are a requirement.

Psychosocial Reasons to get this Treatment

In most cases, when patients have to wear dentures, they often suffer from functional and esthetic discomfort. They also suffer from compromised chewing functions and denture retention issues.

Some of the problems can be resolved by using denture adhesives. Despite this, most of them perceive dentures to be a significant psychosocial burden on them. However, with the all on four option, patients can benefit from supported dentures. These dentures come with excellent esthetic and functional results. With these fixed implants, it leads to better personal well-being, a better quality of life, and high self-esteem.

Restoration of Arches in Just a Single Surgery

Patients that suffer from significant atrophy of the mandibles have to undergo pre-implant augmentation surgery. It usually leads to numerous operations and long intermediate periods as the patient recovers from each procedure.

With fewer implants and the tilted placement of implants, the rehabilitation can be done in just one intervention. It is a reflection of the advances in implant technology and the possibilities of surgical prosthetics. The all on four concepts allows a safe and fast solution for patients that need implants.

Before treatment can commence, a radiological, psychological, esthetic, and functional study must be performed on the patient. It will help to decide whether the patient qualifies for the surgery or not.