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What is Fluoride Treatment and How Can it Help Your Teeth?

What is Fluoride Treatment and How Can it Help Your Teeth? 150 150 Tony

What is Fluoride Treatment and How Can it Help Your Teeth?

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is responsible for building strong teeth and preventing cavities. It helps in fighting bacteria that could harm your gums and teeth. Fluoride is especially helpful if you’re at high risk of developing dental cavities. It is an effective way of protecting the tooth enamel from the effects of excess acid in the mouth.

The surest way to make sure that your teeth are protected is to share with your dentist about your dental history, oral hygiene habits, your history of dental cavities, and gum issues if you have experienced any. Book an appointment with Vita Dental Spring where a team of professionals will help assess the need for fluoride treatments and explain the importance of such treatments especially if you have never had a topical fluoride applied.

How Flouride Is Administered

Added fluoride is common in drinking water, thus any beverages that are prepared with tap water will by default contain fluoride. The amounts are small and insufficient to provide any substantial dental benefit.

The most effective way to ensure that your tooth enamel enjoys the benefits of fluoride is to integrate other products into your daily oral routine. For example, brushing with fluoride toothpaste help to minimize the buildup of acid that leads to the formation of bacteria.

There are also mouth rinses that contain fluoride, as well as supplements in both liquid and tablet form. Topical treatments applied by your dentist are relatively long-lasting and are some of the best ways to assure that your teeth remain as healthy as possible. Some over-the-counter products have a minimal dose of fluoride. A dentist may recommend a higher dose but unfortunately, that is only available by prescription.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is where topical fluoride is applied to the surface of the teeth and it is recommended twice a year for both children and adults to help prevent cavities.

We at Vita Dental Spring are in a good position to assess the individual’s risk for cavities, and the developmental status of the patient’s teeth.

When applied topically, or otherwise known as surface fluoridation, the surface enamel benefits and the teeth will be the most effective at reducing cavities.

The Process

One of the most common ways of applying fluoride onto the teeth is by using gels that contain fluoride into foam trays and placing them over the teeth in the individual’s mouth. Once it is positioned, the patient bites down gently on the trays to enable the medication to get into the pits, fissures, and teeth.

The dentist must provide suction to make sure saliva is removed during the procedure. This prevents the patient from swallowing the fluoride medication. The trays are held in place for about one minute, after which thorough suctioning of the mouth is done to remove any traces of medication. Afterward, the patient is advised not to eat or drink anything for the next half hour so that deposition of fluoride into the teeth may occur effectively.

Toothpaste, gels, and oral rinses. Are some forms of topical fluoride for use at home and they come with a variety of formula and instructions. No matter how the medication is applied to the teeth, they all have one thing in common, they are meant to be applied on the surfaces of the teeth and not swallowed. Stick to your dental professional’s advice on how you can achieve the best results and maximum benefits from the topical fluoride that has been recommended for you.

Here are some of the benefits of a fluoride treatment:

  • Protection of teeth

It helps to eliminate tooth sensitivity and also protect teeth from being exposed to acidic foods and drinks. The treatment can also protect teeth that have fillings by preventing the development of tooth decay.

  • Helps to Lower Your Dental Health Bills

Most fluoride treatments are not included as part of the regular dentist checkup and cleaning, more especially for adults. What this means is that you may pay extra to get the higher level of protection. Now imagine what you would pay if the tooth decay became a much bigger problem. That said, the least amount you may spend on fluoride treatments can save you a whole lot more in the long run.

  • Preserve Your Smile

There are many factors such as diet, genetics, and oral care that can comprise the look of your smile. Although fluoride doesn’t lead directly to straighter or whiter teeth, it can help fight off the forces that can lead to discoloration, poor alignment, and gaps.

Getting fluoride treatments regularly through your adult life is a great way to fight back against the hands of time. Remember that it’s cheaper to preserve your smile rather than restoring it.

It is recommended by most dentists that everyone regardless of their age to receive fluoride treatments. The team at Vita Dental Spring is here to help. Schedule an appointment today and get your fluoride treatment to safeguard your teeth.