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What is a Periodontist?

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What is a Periodontist?

A periodontist is one of the least understood types of dental specialist. This dental professional deals in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. We at Vita Dental Spring take gum disease very seriously. Thus, you will find a Periodontist at our facility to ensure you get the best possible care for your oral health. If you notice sensitivity of the gums, bleeding gums, and other symptoms of periodontal disease, visit us at Vita Dental Spring to meet the best specialist for the job.

Basics of Periodontology

Periodontology is not a word that is often used. In simple terms, if you want to have pink, clear gums you will want to visit a periodontist. He or she is best suited to deal with your gums when they are not at their optimal health.

However, these medical experts do not just focus on gums; they also work on other parts of the mouth. For instance, the area of the jawbone, which supports your teeth, is called the alveolar process. Any issue with this section can cause tooth loss, especially in females. This is because it is the portion, which hosts the tooth sockets. When it deteriorates, you need to visit a periodontist who will reset it to secure your teeth.

Additionally, there is the cementum tissue, which connects the gums and teeth. It is a calcified substance, whose role is to protect the root of teeth. To achieve this, it connects the alveolar process with teeth via periodontal ligaments. It is often called the PDL, which is composed of 70 percent water. The remaining 30 percent is fibers and cells. If the PDL has any problems, the attached teeth will not erupt in the right manner, which means they will not grow properly.

About Periodontists

A periodontist is a jack-of-all-trades. He or she will anticipate future tooth and gum issues even before they occur.  He will also repair pre-existing ones and treat current issues. This professional is trained to ensure that your gums, connective gum tissue, and jawbone are at their optimal level at all times.

When he or she notices an issue with your oral health, he will usually take immediate action. If not treated, gum damage can lead to the loss of teeth and in some cases, lead to jaw or gum disease. This disease can sometimes be so extensive that it causes you to lose all or part of your jawline.

It is the reason why periodontists are often referred to as plastic surgeons of dentistry. They often work to handle all soft tissue problems you may face in your mouth before they become a huge issue. Prevention is an important part of their job. However, if surgery is needed, they are well-equipped to do it.

Periodontitis is a dental expert that usually perform surgery. Advanced gum disease is usually quite worrisome; it is usually an indication of cancer onset, especially in adults. While treating the early signs of gum disease, the periodontist will also test for cancer. If a patient loses one or more teeth, the specialist will usually recommend the best type of action that can be used to remedy the missing teeth. Implants are the best option and the process is often painless and quick.

Qualification to Become a Periodontist

To be a periodontist, a person must go through regular dental school. Later on, he or she can come back for three years of specialized training. This specialization will be focused on teeth and gum health. At this time, the periodontist will be taught how to place implants, conduct gum and jaw surgery, and handle cancerous gums. In essence, a periodontist is a dental expert, who has undergone extra training to offer specialized oral care.

How a Periodontist Appointment Works

The start of a periodontist appointment works just like other dental appointments. You will check in at out Vita Dental Spring clinic and then wait for your turn. When you get to the exam room, the expert will check all your medical charts. If you have any allergies to medication, ensure that your dentist knows about them. Besides that, if you have diabetes, heart issues, or pregnancy, you should tell the dental expert about it.

During the appointment, you may need to get x-rays. The periodontist will want to have most recent medical data before they make any decisions. He or she will check records and the x-rays and do a routine check of the mouth, gums, and jaw. After that, you will get an update on the state of your mouth. If there are any procedures needed, your periodontist will tell you about them. If no procedures are needed, he or she will suggest some practices you can do daily to help improve your dental situation.

A periodontist, like the ones we have a Vita Dental Spring, is one of the most important types of dentists. You might never need one if you take good care of your oral health. However, if you do, you will be in the right hands.