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What is a Pediatric Dentist?

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What is a Pediatric Dentist?

You probably have taken your child or children to a pediatrician for their health needs. In the field of dentistry, there is a specific dentist who deals with kids dental issues. He or she is referred to as a pediatric dentist. Such a dentist has undergone two or three years of specialized training after dental school to treat children dental related issues.

The specialized training involves hospital training where the dentist works with children with severe dental needs and training in different orthodontic teeth straightening procedures.

Why Does Your Child Need A Pediatric Dentist

Adults act differently compared to children when it comes to a visit to the dentist. Data show that although 60% of parents do believe that their children have a dental issue that needs dental care only 25% of these parents take their children to the dentist. Children do not like visiting the dentist and most parents are too overwhelmed to deal with the cries and wails associated with this fear. Most kids need reassurance when it comes to visiting the dentist and most parents are not experts at providing this reassurance.

However, a pediatric dentist has the skill and experience to reassure your child. They ensure whenever your child visits the dentist that the visit is pleasant and enjoyable. The pediatric dentist has the social skills needed to interact with your child. You will find that the best of these dentists are in high demand because parents can attest to excellent work they do with their children. The same pediatric dentist treats your child from the baby teeth through to adolescence.

Children teeth need dental care as early as possible as they are still growing and are very susceptible to teeth cavities. Early intervention is the best remedy rather than waiting for later when it is too costly to treat dental problems. Pediatric dentists are familiar with issues of pediatric care and can be the best investment for your child’s teeth.

What Is The Work Of A Pediatric Dentist?

One of the biggest roles of a pediatric dentist is dealing with infants who have dental issues. Babies will cry and they will not understand some simple dental requests such as opening their mouth. Pediatric dentists perform oral exams for infants and toddlers and in some cases have to perform dental surgeries to correct some dental problems.

Another role of pediatric dentists is oral care for children from their infancy to adolescence stage. They will teach your children how to brush their teeth, how to drop bad habits such as thumb sucking or grinding of teeth. They will also suggest the best diet and nutrition that can improve your child’s dental health.

Additionally, pediatric dentists also diagnose common dental problems such as cavities, overbite, crooked teeth among others. Such problems will require treatment and dentists will provide the needed treatment such as fixing of braces, removal of wisdom teeth and management of gum disease. They will also diagnose some health problems that might be related to oral health such as hyperactivity or diabetes.

What Are The Benefits Of A Pediatric Dentist to Your Children

Taking the initiative to take your child to a pediatric dentist is the first step in ensuring your child has healthy teeth even in the future. Pediatric dentists provide the below benefits to families.

  • Prevention and treatment

These are the important focus areas of pediatric dentists. They educate the young patients on how to take good care of their teeth. The oral habits taught to children at this young sage will see them continue with them even in adulthood. Taking good care of one’s teeth from an early stage also prevents dental problems such as cavities that can cause more agony later.

Pediatric dentists also correct and treat any oral problems in your child. The dentist will be able to detect any problems and correct them before they get out of hand.

  • Education

Pediatric dentists will educate your child on the best way to take good care of their teeth. They use a language that children will understand and provide various incentives to encourage your child to brush or even floss their teeth. Pediatric dentists also educate parents on how best to take care of their children oral health regarding the right diet and care. A pediatric dentist can be the person you need to ensure health smiles in your children for a lifetime.

Why Seek Pediatric Dental Care At Vita Dental

If you are in Spring Texas, we welcome you to Vita Dental for your child’s oral health. Our pediatric dentists are friendly and highly sought after because of their expertise in the provision of the best care for children. The pediatric dentists at Vita Dental are also experienced and qualified having specialized in pediatric dentistry

The dentists offer the best care and provide reassurance to parents and children no matter their anxiety levels. Our pediatric dentistry section is child-friendly, we provide incentives, and the right environment to ensure your child enjoys their visit to the dentist.

Book an appointment with us or visit our Vita Dental facility in Spring Texas for the best oral care for your child.