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What is a good age to get braces?

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What is a good age to get braces?

Dental braces are a standard option used in the straightening of teeth. As such, they help them to be in a better position to bite. Braces tremendously improve the dental health of both the children and the adults. They correct underbites, overbites and crooked teeth among other flaws which might exist on the jaw and teeth. Braces are extensively used to fix gaps. Perhaps parents ask what the best age for their children to get these dental devices is.

The Best Age

Well, there might be no correct age. What so required is for the parent to monitor the teeth of his or her young one closely. He or she needs to look at the alignment of the teeth. If a parent suspects anything with the arrangement of the teeth, then this is the best time to visit an orthodontist at Vita Dental Spring.  If your daughter or son has a problem with the arrangement of his or her teeth, ensure that you visit a dentist. The child will benefit from the various braces available at Vita Dental Spring. The same happens to children with crooked teeth. Here, a qualified dentist will examine these teeth and determine the type of braces which are best to your child.

What Professionals Say

Although there is no defined age which a child needs to visit a dentist for braces, American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) has given some recommendations. The professional body recommends that even if your child does not show any problems, you need to visit an orthodontist no later than age 7. Some parents prefer taking them at the age of six others at the age of the and so on. Always follow the recommendations of the professionals.

Research indicates that it is from age seven that common orthodontic issues such as uneven bites and overcrowding begin appearing in children. Thus, the professionals settled for this as the standard age. However, parents need to monitor the teeth of their children continually and visit a dentist if something unusual happens to them even before the age of seven.

The First Visit

The first visit to a dentist is very crucial as far as the dental health of your child is concerned. During the initial visit to the orthodontist at Vita Dental Spring, your child will experience a lot of things. The center handles all the things professionally. The child will familiarize with the orthodontists like Dr. Seung Hyung Son, DDS and other members of the staff. The process unfolds with ease since it is intended to make your child feel comfortable and be capable of asking questions. Additionally, it will assist him or her to open up while dealing with these professionals.

The child needs not to be afraid or scared. However, sometimes this can happen. There is no need to panic. The orthodontist handling the child is trained and has a lot of expertise on how to manage the emotions of the child adequately. During the first appointment, there are some few issues which are expected to go on. The meeting won’t take a lot of time. However, during the small duration of time, the child will get a lot of information regarding his or her dental health from the doctor. The doctor will find out the health history of the child before recommending any form of treatment. Having an update on previous medical history will help the doctor to connect to the child quickly.

Before the doctor decides on the type of braces to give your child, he or she will perform and evaluate the mouth including teeth, gums, and jaws among others. The examination involves the dentist taking notes. The notes are essential in developing the treatment plan on how to go about the whole process of fixing braces. The dentist will look for overbites, underbites and other misalignment problems which might necessitate the need for braces.

Benefits of Fixing Braces at an Early Age

It is essential to note that fitting braces at a young age are beneficial to the children. Young jaws have the flexibility, and the procedure is quick and easy as compared to the jaws of adults and teenagers. Parents need to think of having their children getting braces at a younger age to address these issues before they become permanent problems. Vita Dental Spring advises parents to take their children to the dental facility as early as possible since they will be in a position to enjoy a variety of benefits.

When the child is taken to the dentist early enough to get their braces fixed, permanent teeth grow in a healthy position. It is beneficial in improving the facial appearance of the child even at old age.

Dentists from at Vita Dental Spring strongly advocate for fixing of braces soonest in a bid to correct undesirable habits such as thumb sucking. Braces will deter children from engaging in this behavior. What is more, fixing braces at an early age helps to reduce the risk of trauma associated with misaligned teeth.