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What Do I Do In A Dental Emergency?

What Do I Do In A Dental Emergency? 150 150 Tony

Emergencies involving the mouth or the teeth sometimes happen without warning. Knowing how to respond and cope with a dental crisis will help you utilize every minute available to reduce the severity of the problem.

Also, knowing who to contact and what to do after the injury, ensures that you act fast to have the problem addressed. Some situations will require immediate response by a dentist while others may not. It pays to know the difference.

Below is a quick summary, according to Vita Dental Spring, of what to do in specific situations.

When Your Face Swells Up

A swollen face could indicate a severe dental infection on the tooth, bone, or gums. Such conditions don’t go away on their own, and will need immediate response by a dentist. You could stay upright and ensure you drink enough fluids as you prepare to go to the dentist.

When You Have a Knocked Out Tooth

Loss of permanent teeth could mean that you may require a dental implant in the future and this can be quite expensive. However, if you can re-implant the tooth within an hour after the injury, there is a good chance that you can help save it. You may need a root canal, but at least you will have your tooth.

Pick the tooth by the crown and not the root. The crown is the part that you bite with while the root is the sharper end of the tooth. Touching the root will damage the tissue that helps with reimplantation.

Adults can try placing the tooth back in the socket.  By looking at the other teeth and how they appear, you can try putting it back correctly. Ensure that you do not touch the roots while re-inserting.

Meanwhile, call your dentist office at Vita Dental Spring and inform them that you are coming to the office so that they can attend to you immediately you arrive. If it’s after working hours, head to the emergency room. The process should be completed within an hour.

When You Have a Chipped or Broken Tooth

Usually, a cracked tooth may require a filling and a larger one may need a dental crown. If you experience the crack all the way down to the roots, this would call for a tooth extraction and a need for an implant.

Most often, teeth will break, and you will not experience any pain. Lack of pain should buy you a few hours or days before you get to your dentist. You may experience tooth sensitivity because the broken piece has exposed the inner structure of the tooth (the dentin).

Call your dentist at Vita Dental Spring to schedule a consultation so that he/she can check whether you need a filling, a crown or an extraction. During the appointment, you can plan for a second one to have the actual work done. You could also email ahead to explain what happened if you are not able to visit them.

If You Are Bleeding From the Mouth

It’s rare for gums to bleed from cuts or abrasions. Bleeding from the mouth could be a sign of a chronic or acute condition.  If you see blood when flossing or brushing teeth, then you may be having gingivitis, or gum disease.

Also, continuous bleeding after a tooth extraction could be a severe complication that needs immediate dental care. If your dentist is not available, call an oral surgeon right away or check into an emergency room.  As you wait to go for treatment, always keep your head elevated and your mouth above your heart at all times.

On the other hand, if you see blood in your saliva, it could be an advanced stage of oral cancer or periodontal disease. Schedule an appointment with your dentist at Vita Dental Spring to get treated for gum disease and oral cancer screenings. Make sure you see the dentists as soon as you notice the bleeding to avoid future complications.

If You Have Tooth or Gum Abscess

A yellow, red, or a whitish pimple on the gum could mean that the tooth or gum is infected, and you may require a root canal or an extraction.  If left untreated, it could lead to permanent gum recession. As soon as you notice it, don’t put it off for too long. Schedule an appointment with dentist. Do not try and pop the abscess, keep brushing and cleaning the area as usual.

How Can You Avoid Dental Emergencies?

While some emergencies such as accidents or falls may not be unavoidable, it is vital to seek help immediately they occur.

Brushing and flossing your teeth is the first line of defense in preventing dental problems. You will eventually have healthier and stronger teeth and gums.

Wear a mouth guard when engaging in contact sports such as hockey, basketball, and wrestling. The mouth guard works by holding the jaw, mouth, and teeth firmly in place prevent injury after contact.

If you are in the Spring area, you can have someone call the dentist at Vita Dental Spring for your or you could also request your dentist to meet you at the ER.