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What dentist does dentures?

What dentist does dentures? 150 150 Tony

What dentist does dentures? Which professional should you consult when looking to get dentures to replace your missing teeth? Well, we take a look at dentures, people who need dentures and the type of dentist to visit when looking to get dentures. So, what are dentures?


Dentures are special faux teeth which are designed to replace missing teeth. Dentures are custom made from a special material which looks and feels like natural teeth. Depending on the number of teeth that the denture is supposed to replace, the individual replacement teeth are placed on a special flesh colored acrylic base which perfectly fits over the gum with missing teeth.

When making dentures, a special impression of your mouth and particularly the area with missing teeth is made, a negative mold is made of the impression is made before the final denture is made. There are three common types of dentures that are commonly used;

Conventional full denture

This is a full denture that is meant to replace an entire jaw of teeth or both the two sets of teeth in the upper and lower jaws. The denture therefore has 16 faux teeth in the upper and lower jaws. The full denture has an acrylic base which fits over the gums making the dentures look like natural teeth.

Immediate full denture

These are replacement teeth which are inserted immediately after a patient loses teeth. A lot of people prefer to get these dentures because no one really wants to live with missing teeth. They however need to be adjusted after a few months after the gum has completely healed and receded a little bit.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are built on a metal framework which anchors the dentures to the remaining natural teeth. To anchor the denture, crowns or a special adhesive is used.

Advantages of using dentures to replace missing teeth


Dentures are convenient in that they can be removed at will. When sleeping, they can be easily removed allow you to have a good night sleep without bothering you.

Easy to insert and don’t cause any discomfort

Unlike most teeth replacements which require complicated and invasive surgeries, dentures require no surgery and all that is required to fit them over the gum and you are good to go. The dentures don’t cause much pain or discomfort when worn.

Dentures are cheaper than most options available

When compared to the other available replacements, dentures are the cheapest option. If you are looking to save money therefore, dentures might be a solid option to consider.

Now that we have seen what dentures are, the next question is which dentist handles dentures? Are general dentists capable of handling dentures or should one consult a specialist?

Which dentist handles dentures?

Well, dentures fall under a special category referred to as prosthodontics and these are normally handled by professionals referred to as prosthodontists. A prosthodontist is a specialist dentist whose task is to handle faux teeth replacements like partials, dentures, bridges and even dental crowns. They are trained to take impressions of a patient’s dental structure and create molds which perfectly mimic natural teeth.

To get the extra expertise and skills needed to come up with molds and faux teeth replacements, prosthodontists are required to take two or three extra years of training. Unlike general dentists who graduate without specializing in anything in particular, these professionals take extra classes and practice their trade in a registered hospital as part of their internship before they can finally graduate and start practicing their trade.

It however should be noted that general dentists are also capable of offering some forms of dentures. If a patient requires a single or just multiple dentures which are not too complex to mold, then a general dentist can competently offer the same without much trouble. The dentist should however be consulted firsthand to ascertain whether he/she is capable of offering the dentures or not.

If the dental condition calls for more complex dentures, then a dentist needs to delegate the duties of offering dentures to a prosthodontist. The latter has more expertise and can comfortably deal with any anomaly that might arise during the treatment period.

The decision on the best profession to consult for dentures therefore rests solely on the patient and his dentist. If the dentist is honest enough, he/she will openly declare if he/she can handle the dentures or not.

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