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What Causes Tooth Loss in Adults?  Dentist in Spring Texas

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What Causes Tooth Loss in Adults?  Dentist in Spring Texas

It is both painful, traumatizing, and embarrassing for an adult to lose teeth or even a tooth. Today, we live in a world that judges on our first image. Missing teeth lowers the confidence of a person especially due to the social stigma attached to looks. So what causes tooth loss? Can it be prevented?

Causes of Tooth Loss

Physical Trauma

Anyone is bound to get into an accident, fall down the stairs or during skiing practice, a trip in the mud and hit a rock or even get into a fight and get punched in the mouth. All these could cause a physical altercation where one would lose a tooth or a few. Although such incidences are out of one’s control, most of these tooth losses can be fixed by an oral surgeon if attended to immediately.

Gum Disease and Illnesses

Gum disease and infections remain the largest cause of tooth loss in adults. However, gum diseases and infections are best kept at bay through proper oral health care practices such as regular brushing and flossing. Little known to most people, gum infections can be painless in the beginning and most do not notice until the damage cannot be ignored. By the time one gets to the full-blown stage of a periodontal disease, both bone and gum tissues and ligaments will have weakened too much to support the teeth and the roots. If you are experiencing soreness, redness, and swellings in the gums and even the slightest bleeding when brushing teeth, be sure to rush to the dentist for treatment before your teeth start to fall out.

Poor Nutrition

Whatever diet you decide to take ideally dictates the health of your teeth. Too much intake of sugary foods keeps you at a higher risk of tooth decay as a result of a weakened enamel. Acidic foods and beverages cause tooth erosion that eats away the enamel bringing up cavities that eventually lead to tooth decays. Tooth decays eventually weakens the tooth structure which renders it to the next stage which is tooth loss. Although such foods aren’t bad, the trick here is to limit the intake.


Smoking tobacco puts a user at a very high risk of contracting gum diseases. Smokers are more likely to have a huge buildup of plaque that contributes to the formation of gum diseases. Scientifically, smokers have been proven to have less oxygen in the bloodstream. This means that the oxygen supply to the teeth is limited which interferes with healing of infected gums. The interference triggers the growing problem of the gum disease. With gum diseases that are hard to eradicate comes a weakened oral system which cannot support teeth hence tooth loss. 

Dental Cavities

Cavities pave way for tooth decay problems. With poor oral hygiene, plaque and tartar are bound to build up and eat up the enamel which is the tooth’s outer part. If not attended to immediately, the plaque continues to attack the enamel forming cavities and holes on the tooth. This weakens the tooth deep to the root which may start to become loose and eventually fall out.

Tooth Grinding

While clenching and grinding teeth does not sound harmful and voluntary, it actually causes the enamel to wear off if regularly done. The force exerted during regular grinding and clenching puts a strain on the jaw bone, gums, and teeth. A weakened jawbone and gum tissue toil hard to support the teeth which eventually forces the teeth to fall out. Grinding normally occurs due to misalignment of teeth or a deep abnormal bite. Once you have noticed this condition, book an appointment with your dentist for correction.


Some people are blessed to be born with perfect teeth and natural smiles. However, due to some genetic matches, some people are born with gum and tooth issues. As we grow older we start to see these problems despite keeping high oral hygiene standards and healthy habits. One may have been born naturally with a weak enamel or weak bone structures that all contribute to bone loss. Luckily, due to dentistry advancements, there are a number of treatment options and corrections to prevent further tooth loss in case of genetic make-up.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic could be a term used to refer to a long-term condition that could put a strain on your body for long periods. This includes conditions such as diabetes or arthritis. For example, diabetes that is poorly managed contributes to the high glucose level records in one’s saliva that helps leak in bacteria and plaque buildup. It also lowers the immune system which attracts gum diseases that eventually lead to tooth loss. If you have been suffering from any chronic conditions, be sure to have regular checkups with the dentist for close monitoring of factors that could lead to tooth loss.

At Vita Dental Spring, we are dedicated to offering high-quality dental consultations and treatments. Come let us help you to prevent tooth loss.