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What Can I Expect At A Dental Check-Up?

What Can I Expect At A Dental Check-Up? 150 150 Tony

What Can I Expect At A Dental Check-Up?

Taking care of your oral health requires more than flossing and brushing. If you want the best oral health, it is essential for you to visit a dental office every six months to get a regular checkup and dental cleaning. If you live in Spring, TX, you can have it done at Vita Dental Spring.

It is essential that you find a comfortable and family-oriented dental practice such as Vita Dental Spring. If you want to start using our offices, please call us or visit us. This way, you will be able to ascertain we offer quality and friendly dental care in the Spring area.

What to Expect

On the first visit to Vita Dental Spring, we will take a full medical history that will help us understand how to approach the dental checkup. If your health status changes after this first visit, please be sure to inform us.

The medical history is vital in determining which medication and procedures to perform. With the dental checkup, it will help to ensure you have excellent oral health and general health.

The Cleaning

When you come for a checkup at Vita Dental Spring, you can expect to get a complete dental cleaning; the dental hygienist will do this.  The dental hygienist will scrape below the gum line using special tools and chemicals for cleaning the teeth. He or she will get rid of the built-up plaque and tartar, which causes gum disease, bad breath, and cavities. The hygienist will also floss and polish the teeth to get rid of as much plaque as possible.

A Full Examination

When cleaning is thoroughly complete, the dentist will conduct a comprehensive exam. He or she will prod your gums teeth and neck looking for signs of disease. The goal is to maintain excellent oral health and prevent any problems from developing. When the dentist detects issues such as oral cancer early, there is a good chance of prevention or elimination without much trouble.


Depending on the age, the risk of infection, and symptoms, the dentist might decide you need an x-ray. These x-rays are quite useful at finding problems that are out of site. We at Vita Dental Spring use modern x-ray equipment that minimizes the amount of radiation you will get.

Some of the issues an x-ray could identify are broken jawbones, impacted teeth, cysts, tumors, and decay between teeth. The amount of radiation is so minimal that it is about the same as you get being out in the sun or watching your TV. However, it is essential to wear a red apron during the x-ray. Protecting yourself will further reduce the risk of any radiation contamination. If you are pregnant, it is vital to tell the dentist. This way, he or she can confirm whether an x-ray is important enough. In such a case, x-rays are a choice only in an emergency.

At some dental offices, you might get a panoramic x-ray. This type of film offers a full view of the upper and lower jaw in one photo. It helps the dentist to understand your bite. It also helps to show how the different teeth in your mouth relate to each other in one arch.

How to Prepare For the Dental Visit

If this is your first adult dental exam and you want to find a new dentist, you can ask a friend, neighbors, or your loved ones. Besides that, you can ask fellow workers and your doctor for advice. Consider whether the dentist has a location and whether he or she participates in your health plan.

You will be glad to know that at our dental practice, we accept various payment options. Besides that, you will be delighted to learn that we offer payment plans to our patients. This way, they can afford to pay for any dental issues they have, no matter how expensive they might be. Additionally, our prices are quite affordable since we are an independent dental practice that is flexible and sets its rates.

If you have any anxiety about a dental exam, ensure that you share the concerns with us. The dentist could take various measures that might help you to adjust the treatment. This way, you will feel more comfortable during the procedure. It is also worth noting that we understand how to deal with kids to help them feel comfortable during the whole treatment process.

How Long Should You Take Between Visits?

If you have excellent oral health, you will probably need to visit the dental office once every six months. If any more treatment is necessary such as filling a cavity, taking out an impacted wisdom tooth or repairing a cracked tooth, you will need to make another appointment. Besides that, ensure that you ask all dental-related questions you might have. Do not rely on the internet to answer your questions.