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What can I do If I don’t Like my Smile

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What can I do If I don’t Like my Smile

A smile is the most attractive aspect of a person’s face. However, it can be embarrassing when someone does not like their smile or the way their faces look when they smile.

This can be associated with how teeth look or how your face wrinkles when you smile. Some people are genetically born with crooked teeth, broken or even cracked ones. Nonetheless, this should not force you to live a life full of discomfort and displeasure about yourself.

When in this situation, below are some of the options you can pursue to make your smile more beautiful and attractive:

Restorative Options

This is a solution where human-made tooth substitutes are used to cover or replace your existing or missing tooth. A dentist applies a combination of techniques during this procedure to make your teeth look straighter and well aligned.

Restorative options can be done in three ways:

    Crowns and bridges

    Porcelain veneers

    Whitening trays

Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a tooth-shaped metallic or ceramic material that is placed over a patient’s prepared tooth and then anchored using ceramic chemicals. These crowns look similar to teeth making it hard for people to know that it is indeed a replacement for a missing or damaged tooth.

Bridges are similar to crowns although they serve an additional purpose. They are adopted as a replacement for missing gaps. When a gap is formed due to missing teeth, a dentist shapes a tooth from both sides then places a bridge between the two teeth. The bridge essentially acts as a tooth on its own after filling the gap.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin, and shell-like structures used to cover the front part of a tooth. Veneers cover up the uneven teeth that cannot be fixed. These veneers are often made from tooth-colored materials hence providing patients with a tooth that similar to the natural ones. Veneers cover tooth decays, cracks and tooth stains.

When fixing a tooth, the veneers are laid on top of an existing tooth or a dentist can reduce and reshape a tooth structure to maintain a general and uniform size and shape.

Vita Dental Spring suggests that it is preferable to acquire snap-in veneers that are custom made rather than going for the ready-made one that may not fit you well.

Whitening Trays

Whitening trays are a solution for protecting the color of your teeth. Whitening trays coat the teeth with a whitening gel and applying heat light to the tooth. The gel and the low heat light penetrates through the surface of the teeth and bleaches the enamel and the dentin. Custom made trays slide over an entire arch to hold the whitening gel over your teeth. This helps in equal distribution and application of the whitening gel.

Dental Implants

Some people don’t like their smile because they miss some teeth. Such people can opt for dental implants according to Vita Dental Spring.

Dental implants are screw-like metals, made of titanium, which is drilled into your gums to provide support for artificial teeth. Implants are used in restoring lost teeth.


Dentures are removable devices that look like teeth and are attached to artificial gum or tissues. The dentures are crafted to look like missing gums and teeth. Dentures help to maintain a young and attractive facial appearance.


Bonding is a way or repairing discolored or damaged teeth using materials similar to the tooth enamel.

Cosmetic Contouring

Cosmetic contouring involves tooth contouring and reshaping. In this procedure, a crooked tooth or an uneven shaped tooth is shaped by removing a small amount of enamel. This helps to maintain an even and uniform shape of the teeth.

Use of Invisalign Aligners

The aligners are worn to help in straightening of teeth and making them be in a particular order. The aligners fit specifically with one’s natural teeth for effective straightening and alignment. When one wears the aligners, they exert continuous pressure on their teeth. This pressure helps in restoring the correct tooth alignment and position.

The outstanding feature is that aligners don’t change one’s lifestyle.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Another way of achieving a pleasant smile is through a full mouth rehabilitation. Prosthodontists create a personalized plan that is tailored to suit your needs by combining various cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques. Full mouth rehabilitation will depend on the individual’s situation after X-rays and tests have been carried out.

Dental Fillings

A distressed smile can also be as a result of chipped or damaged teeth. Fillings provide an aesthetic restoration of damaged teeth. These fillings are created from porcelain and a mixture of resin which gives them a look similar to that of natural teeth.

Regardless of how people look when they smile, they should always be proud of their looks. However, in case one feels like they want their smiles to look attractive by carrying out the above procedures, then think of no other place than Vita Dental Spring, your solution to all dental problems.